Global Marine Division Portfolio :

  1. Mobile Cellular Network at Sea
  2. GSM & Broadband Network on-board at Sea
  3. On-board Entertainment System
  4. Private 4G LTE Network for Vessels/Cruise Ships
  5. 2G/4G+IoT+M2M+ OTT/IPTV at Sea
  6. Offshore Broadband for Coast Guard and Navy
  7. Marine Grade Microwave Radio ( PtP & PtMP)
  8. Power Systems for Submarine Cable Landing Stations

With our technology people can use their mobile devices at sea much as on land.This division offers a state-of-the-art connectivity platform with Mobile, Premium Wi-Fi, Ka-VSAT and mobile broadband backhaul improves the complete digital value chain with services enhancing operational efficiency and the passenger’s onboard experience.

This division is enabling the global maritime industry for IoT. In one digital ecosystem, we provide unique solutions permitting the same quality of experience at sea as on land, increasing profitability through operational excellence.

Our customers operate in the cruise, ferry, fisheries and offshore industries. Our full-fledged, end-to-end mobile connectivity portfolio caters for all mobile communications needs at sea and supports all current mobile technologies and devices.

With headquarters and R&D in New Delhi India, Global Marine Division also has local presence in the US and Asia to meet global needs directly and through a network of partners.

  • Our innovative marine-grade mobile solutions define mobile communication standards at sea
  • We are managed by an experienced team of senior executives from the industry
  • We have been delivering the best mobile experience at sea and land since 2011.
  • Our principles and business approach are summarized in our values and defined by the our owners’ corporate governance guidelines
  • Our success creates opportunity for the best!
Global Marine Division provides both vessel-to-shore and vessel-to-vessel connectivity, and enables essential voice, data and video streaming services at lower cost than satellite.

Modern offshore operations require a robust, high-capacity and low-latency communication infrastructure in order to optimize performance, situational awareness, command efficiency and response time for any event in the open sea.

This infrastructure provides both vessel-to-shore and vessel-to-vessel connectivity, and enables essential applications such as:

  • Standalone operation of private 4G LTE network for offshore operation for voice, data and video streaming
  • Connecting vessel-to shore via marine-grade high capacity microwave radios.
  • Setup mesh network in the open sea via out private 4G LTE and marine grade microwave radios at lower cost than satellite communication.
  • OTT & video conferencing services
  • Extensive use of sensors and controls
  • Internet of Things & M2M
  • Geological and virtualization at sea
  • Onshore expert monitoring , logging and analysis of data
  • Extensive Infotainment demands for well-being of offshore crew
  • Big Data collection
  • Time Sensitive Remote Control of mechanical and electrical equipment
  • Integrated operation model

Legacy satellite communication solution can’t keep up above these high capacity and low latency requirements and are costly to operate.

What you need is a secured , high capacity , low latency , cost effective, always-on solution to accommodate these new requirements.

Global Marine Division provide the only true end-to-end solution for offshore 4G LTE coverage and microwave connectivity , enabling your offshore operations to meet your business objectives. With the right connectivity infrastructure provided by RKTPL ,you can begin to leverage such benefits as an increase in efficiency and productivity in the open sea. A reduction in operational expenditures by decreasing required offshore workforce. RKTPL’s Private 4G LTE Network ( eNodeB+EPC+IMS) integrates with highly reliable marine-grade microwave equipment with customized antenna stabilization technologies and resilient paths and typologies. The marine grade microwave antenna is stabilized using an innovative GPS, Motion sensors and Control system capable of maintaining an extremely high degree of pointing accuracy regardless of motion and sea conditions. Our solution is capable of delivering a throughput of multi-gigabits per second. It is simply the best performing radio technology solution at sea with an in-house stabilized antenna that provides high reliability and most importantly peace of is durable in the harshest marine environments.Our solution is certified for safe work in highly explosive environments and is guaranteed to provide bandwidth for mission-critical services through built-in QoS mechanism.

Global Marine Division’s unique comprehensive solution ensures a smooth implementation from concept to delivery enabling you to have the peace of mind to run an efficient and safe operation that meets your business objectives and achieves the highest value for you.

In addition, all products and services are supported globally by our 24/7 Network Operation Centres, field engineers and regional support centres… providing you with local help, with a global service.

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