With increasing urbanization, the time is opportune to Plan, Design, Build, and Manage the resources on an on-going and sustained basis. E.g. to create smart cities, the world needs a balanced focus in terms of modernising city infrastructure and leveraging technology to improve efficiency and capacity of city services.

In a world where ubiquitous connectivity is required for almost everything, there can be no ‘one size fits all’. That is why we offer uniquely tailored Design, Build and Manage services for your digital ecosystem. Leveraging the best technology alliances and our in-house expertise in solution engineering, we are creating networks which set new benchmarks. Our deep end user understanding and keen focus on network monetisation, leads us to create highly responsive and agile networks.

Key Features of our E2E Solution are:

  • 1. Superlative scalability and flexibility
  • 2. Future Fit
  • 3. Multilayer performance and efficiency
  • 4. Operational efficiency and redundancy
  • 5. Service and application level intelligence

Our key offerings in system integration solution are

  • Network Design Services

    We deliver network models that can transform your agility, efficiency and competitiveness. The design includes backhaul, converged, FTTx/last mile and in building network systems.

  • Fibre Rollout Services

    Starting from the most advanced and exhaustive geo technical surveys and microscopic route and front-wise planning, to flawless on ground execution, the RKTPL Way of fibre roll outs brings unsurpassed quality rigour to each and every step of the process. The rollouts can be in-building, in- campus, intra city or intercity; we serve all the needs.

  • Network O&M Services

    We offer operations and maintenance services with strong governance (SLA compliance report) While we deliver these services we ensure that they cover four main aspects: Monitoring, Helpdesk, Program Management, MIS Services

  • Data Center Networks

    Despite the fact that the hardware is constantly getting smaller and powerful, but the need of more and more data is creating demand of faster processing power, more storage space and information all kept in one place, data center

RKTPL offers data center connectivity solutions for both inside and outside the data center:

Inside the data center we offer three core capabilities: -

  • Niche design and deployment of Network Infrastructure
  • Electrical Design and Installation Services
  • Hot/cold aisle containment products

Outside the data center we provide high fiber count cables for emerging data center interconnect applications combined with access network design capabilities and network deployment services

Besides the connectivity, RKTPL also ensures physical and network security complimented with DR & Redundancy

Physical and Network Security: Suite of network applications to protect end to end DC operations

DR& Redundancy: Creation of data back-up and ensuring constant network connectivity through redundancy

  • Private Networks

    Government agencies and enterprises often have stringent critical communications requirements due to which private networks become a preferred choice for critical communication. RKTPL Private Networks have the capabilities to unleash the potential for operational transformation, automation, and efficiency and create a secure business- and mission-critical communications environment

    Our broad category of Private network solutions are: -

    • Private LTE Network: Enterprises are struggling to manage large amounts of data the cost of maintaining that data on Public Networks. This is the reason that most of enterprises are gradually shifting towards Private LTE Network. This network comprises of local cellular network that includes cell sites and core network servers. Private LTE can be optimized to handle traffic types with specific requirements. For example, real-time IoT applications can be guaranteed extremely low latency for immediate response.
    • Perimeter Security: Critical Infrastructure security and related applications are of high strategic importance for Defense services. STL brings in the most sophisticated and unique intrusion proof infrastructure, powered by fibre optic sensing capabilities. For developing these applications, we leverage our expertise in design engineering. Along with the developed state of art products, RKTPL  has developed one of India’s most advanced command and control centres with real time, application level granularity and responsiveness.
    • Digital Security: As the digital footprint grows exponentially, Enterprises and Government have become cautious of their operations due to increasing cyberattacks. This is the reason digital security has become very important for enterprises and government agencies. RKTPL Digital Security include anti-virus software, web services, biometrics and secure personal devices.
    • IoT Systems: Every industry in the world now relies on data for business needs. IoT will expand and improve that data by connecting billions of devices capable of immediately sharing, receiving, and analysing massive amounts of it to better meet business needs and improve decision-making. RKTPL IoT solutions to play a crucial role in providing enterprises with best informed decision making RKTPL IoT solution is a mix of a product, software and services interconnected with our world class network connectivity.

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