RKTPL provides virtually failsafe GPS/GNSS and Positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) solutions to support military and commercial applications worldwide.RKTPL is the world leader in Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) solutions that improve the reliability, performance and safety of critical, remote or high-risk operations.

With robust, accurate GNSS-based systems and proven technologies, RKTPL is the leader in Resilient Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) solutions.

Why is T&F Synchronization necessary ?
  • Quality of Service provided to telco’s customers deeply depends on synchronization delivered to network equipments:
    • End to end control, jitter / wander cancellation.
    • Each network node has to be synchronized.
    • Synchronization requirements are normalized (ITU).
  • Backbones data rate increase:
    • Implies always more precise and accurate synchronization.
  • Wireless mobile location (by wireless network – TDOA):
    • The location precision directly depends on synchronization (time accuracy) provided to the different base stations.
  • Iso-frequency broadcasting (SFN), that allows the best spectrum optimization, requires both time & frequency synchronization.
  • DVB-T, DVB-H, FLO, T-DMB, DAB, DRM deployment induces increasing requirements for synchronization equipment.
Defense & Space
  • Radio transmission, C4I, Air control traffic, navigation, satellite ground earth stations, GNSS Timing Facility etc…
Test & Measurements
  • Ultra stable frequency reference

RKTPL has been delivering global synchronisation and timing excellence to telecoms, energy, banking, financial institutions, broadcast, enterprise IT & defense markets for over 10 years; optimising timing in communications networks and enabling our customers to deliver seamless services.

Working closely with our customers, our team of technical experts provide complete solutions from network design, solution specification, build & test, installation & commissioning and 24/365 support, delivering best performance for communications networks.


Customers come first.  Our professional sync & timing solutions are designed to assist you at every level of design, supply, install and support across a wide range of networks and applications.

GPS Timing Equipment Installation & Commissioning Services

Precise, Accurate Time in your Network starts with a Quality Installation

RKTPL’ specialist team of engineers has completed many GNSS timing equipment installations globally.Working closely with our customers, we have considerable experience in conducting site inspections and installations ready to hand over to our customers. Whether you require a single site, or 200 sites worldwide, we have the skills and expertise to successfully implement and manage your project throughout. GNSS timing equipment installation and integration is a highly specialised skill; contact our team of experts who will be happy to help you.


RKTPL has been providing unrivalled support for synchronisation and timing hardware, software and management systems to our customers. RKTPL currently supports more than 90 customers in over 50 countries worldwide, including some of the world’s largest service providers.

We support your equipment from implementation through obsolescence and end of life so as to maximise your investment and service delivery to your customers.


Today’s modern networks are designed with redundancy in mind, giving service providers a solid defence against catastrophic failures. However, equipment failures and other unplanned events arise when rapid response and action is required to prevent non-service affecting issues escalating.This is where RKTPL excels; providing our customers with complete peace of mind that whatever and wherever a situation occurs, we are here 24/7 to offer our expert knowledge and support and to get your network fully operational with the minimum of delay.

 Timing Audits & Consultancy

RKTPL has been actively engaged in carrying out sync audits for over 10 years and has unrivalled expertise in this discipline.  A RKTPL Sync Audit provides recommendations on how to improve areas of concern such as how to measure poor sync, or poor design that could result in potential issues and failure scenarios; how to improve sync availability and redundancy and how to increase visibility of sync health.

Synchronization Audit Services, Telecom Consulting and Synchronization Audit

The purpose of a network synchronization audit is to provide the customer with a snapshot of synchronization signals to help them better understand the status of their network and thus result in better network synchronization planning.A RKTPL engineer will come to the customer location with the measurement equipment required to measure a Sync signals on different points/sites in the Customer’s network.

The following measurements will be performed:
1. Jitter Measurements
2. MTIE (MaximumTime Interval Error) Measurements
3. TIE (Time Interval Error) Measurements.
4. Wander Measurements (up to 24 hrs)

RKTPL provides tailor-made Telecom Consulting and Synchronization Audit services that can help a customer efficiently and cost-effectively check their network performance and protect its Quality of Service. Services includes planning or recommending updating their network for optimal Time and Frequency Synchronization performance of the related equipment that has been installed in the network.

What happens in the absence of Sync in network?

  • Transmission Bandwidth cannot not be achieved.
  • Carriers would not be able to inter-work effectively at POPs.
  • Unacceptable Levels of Slips.
  • Unacceptable Levels of Pointer Adjustments in SDH.
  • It would not be Possible to provide some Services effectively.
  • It would not be possible to perform handover in wireless networks.
  • General :Dropped Calls / Loss of Links
  • Voice :Audible Click
  • Facsimile: Distortion / Smearing
  • Data: Corruption / Loss / Retransmit time
  • Video :Distortion / Frozen Frames
  • SDH/SONET :Excessive Pointer adjustment
  • Customer Increased Cost / Customer Loss
  • Network :Poor interoperability
  • Operations :Increased Maintenance Cost
  • Revenue:Lower revenues
Telecom Services Division for Sync Audit and Consulting – At A Glance:
  • Sync Audit of GPS Primary Reference Clocks (PRC) as per ITU-T G.811 and ETSI standards.
  • Sync Audit of PTP Grandmaster (IEEE-1588v2)
  • Sync Audit of Synchronization Supply Units (SSU)
  • Sync Audit of NTP Servers for load and accuracy
  • Focused on Service
  • Domain Knowledge and Expertise
  • All-Inclusive Statement of Work
  • Cost effective
  • Quality System Certified to ISO 9001:2000
Synchronization Audits

A Synchronization Audit from RKTPL is an indispensable tool to maintain the integrity of telecom networks and to avoid synchronization related outages. Audits leverage the existing network investments and identify maintenance issues before they become critical and costly and eventually lead to network problems. Using Valiant’s advanced auditing, testing, performance and verification procedures, the network operator can maintain the reliability of their timing sources and check their network’s performance, compliance and determine if the installed synchronization equipment is performing optimally as per the norms and the standards that have been prescribed by the network licensee.  It also helps the network operators maintain and update their network synchronization records on a periodical basis for network quality certification purposes.

With our Synchronization Audit Services, we deliver a comprehensive status report, along with an executive overview of results and our expert summary of recommendations.

Services Provided
  • Manufacture and installation & Commissioning of high quality and extremely reliable GPS Primary Reference Clocks (PRC) and PTP Grandmaster (IEEE 1588v2)
  • Manufacture and installation & Commissioning of Synchronization Supply Unit (SSU)
  • Manufacture and installation & Commissioning of NTP Servers
  • Operation and Maintenance Support (Sync Network Audit, Quality Measurements Services)
  • Synchronization Audit measurements.
Benefits of Networks Synchronisation Quality Test
  • Minimizes the number of frame slips on TDM, Time Division Multiplexed,Telecom Networks
  • Minimizes the number of packet or cell discards and retransmission on Data Centric Statistically Multiplexed Telecom Networks.
  • Minimizes the bit error rate in high-speed digital networks by reducing the amount of frequency jitter and wander at the  network interfaces.
  • Minimizes the amount of pointer activity on SONET transport facilities that is due to phase and frequency offsets in the network element clocks.
  • Maximizes the amount of available bandwidth on shared bandwidth applications using ATM and IP, Internet Protocol, technologies.
Networks Synchronisation Quality Test Program
  • Overview of Clock Network Architecture
  • Check working and reference sync route
  • Check Network and equipment health status
  • Sync Quality measurement Test
  • Wrong Configuration detecting
  • Sync Loops checking
  • TIE and MTIE stability Test
  • Detailed Network Sync Quality (NSQ) Report
  • Suggestions for necessary changes
  • Conclusion summery.

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