Pulse distribution unit is designed for distribution of high quality TTL pulse signals. The unit has 16 independent outputs for 50 Ohm loads. RS-232 interface allows selecting of trigger level and monitoring status information.

Key applications:
-time and frequency high precision automatic measurement systems;
-time and frequency etalon systems;


Input signal parameters:
– positive polarity;
– pulse rates from 1 Hz to 10 MHz with duty cycle not less than 10;
– high level no more than 10 V at (50±1) Ohm;
– pulse duration not less than 50 ns.

Output signal parameters
– positive polarity;
– high level 2.5 V–5 V at (50±0,3) Ohm;
– rise/fall time no more than 1 ns;
– rising edge of the pulse is a working edge.

Input / output delay is no more than 20 ns.
Differential channel/channel delay is no more than 150 ps.
Temperature-delay coefficient is no more than 10 ps/°С.
Power consumption is no more than 20 VA (for AC) and no more than 20 W (for DC 27 V).

Input and output connectors — BNC.

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