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World-class support.

With proven, repeatable methods and processes, our engineers and project managers can handle the end-to-end details of network installation and commissioning activities prior to and during deployment of a commercial network. We can also offer engineering services that will create a customized, structured training program that prepares your engineers to take over and manage your network.

Our approach to service and support is to become a valued partner of our customers who can leverage our technical and management experience in building out their networks to reach new markets. Extending your networks grows your subscriber base and adds value to your operations. We can offer services beyond our build, operate and transfer services portfolio including vendor selection, vendor management and even strategic planning. These high-value services let you concentrate on your core business: acquiring new and retaining existing subscribers.​

Our services include:

  • Integration Services
  • Deployment Services
  • Training
  • Standard Technical Support
  • Premium Technical Support
  • Warranty
  • Software Maintenance
  • Project Management
  • Remote Network Monitoring
  • Planning and Optimization


You can have the best product, a sophisticated infrastructure, and the latest technology, but to thrive in today’s marketplace, you need a highly-skilled workforce that is prepared to meet your business and operational objectives. Training is essential to creating and maintaining an effective workforce. Star Solutions can deliver training when and where you need it most – via the desktop, Internet, in the lab, in the field or in the classroom. The expertise of our course development and delivery specialists ensures that your learning program achieves targeted, measurable results.

Learning Solutions from RKTPL

Learning solutions align competence investment with operator strategy and business goals for increased Return on Investment (ROI). RKTPL offers training anytime, anywhere – at our education centers, customer sites, online through the virtual classroom or by self-paced training through a web portal. Practical training on equipment can also be delivered remotely through a Remote Training Lab.

Customized Training

It is imperative to be able to mold a solution that best fits operator’s needs as network requirements vary from customer to customer and the “one size fits all” approach might not be feasible in every situation. We at RKTPL fully understand this and have the expertise to develop customized training courses that take into account your specific network, systems, resources, and capabilities.

Network monitoring

With our Remote Network Monitoring service, RKTPL can be your primary provider of network monitoring and support services or serve as a supplementary network-operations resource to your organization. To ensure dependable network performance that delivers maximum end-user satisfaction, we offer a variety of essential capabilities:​

  • Usage Monitoring: Ensures that network usage is monitored for availability and that data is collected for billing purposes.
  • Continuous Operation: Identifies network problems related to the operation of network equipment, facilities, and communications protocols that could compromise reliable service delivery.
  • Peak Optimization: Ensures the network is optimized for highly efficient performance under all load conditions.
  • Service Support: Configures network equipment to support the services offered to customers by the service provider at all times.
  • Proper Access: Protects the network, its equipment, and its data from unauthorized access or fraudulent use and by extension, thereby protecting customer information and privacy.

RKTPL Remote Network Monitoring can successfully manage any and all aspects of the above tasks. We can ensure the availability and performance of the network, document service levels, monitor and map service escalations, resolve network outages and performance degradations, track usage and bandwidth, managing capacity, and help you plan accurately for growth.

Network planning

RKTPL is a full-service vendor and global leader in software and service solutions that allow our customers to efficiently design and optimize wireless voice and data networks. Our combination of network project management, wireless planning software and in-depth wireless engineering expertise spans 2G, 3G, , 4G ,5G including innovative backhaul scenarios.

Whatever services you require, we keep your goals in mind. Build the most effective network that will deliver the highest grade of services in an efficient manner at a cost that allows for profit and a quick ROI.

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