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Integrated Emergency Communication Solutions

During emergencies or natural disasters, wireless infrastructure may be damaged or the network could become overloaded with a surge of user devices trying to connect to the main network—whether it’s Internet service providers, public safety agencies, local and state governments or industrial companies. Temporary and transportable, deployable networks can help establish critical connections when it counts.

We offer complete vehicle mounted deployable cellular networks for voice, data and live video surveillance during emergency & disasters.

Our System enables you to deploy a stand-alone operational cellular network anywhere anytime with-in minutes. This product combines all of the key elements of a cellular network into a single system that is easy to transport and carry. Integration with any external networks can also be supported.

A ruggedized enclosure houses all the necessary components of a cellular network. Our System is capable of supporting voice, data and SMS services. A Wi-Fi interface enables the system operator to manage its group of users via PC, laptop or tablet computer. The GUI interface is simple and easy to use. Groups of phones can be set up for push-to-talk communications, group calling and text messages. Additionally, system operators can send text messages from the GUI to the users. These features make the system an excellent field communications tool.


  • First Responder Communications
  • Emergency Cellular Networks
  • Rapid Deployment in Remote Areas or for Disaster Relief
  • Tactical Military Communications
  • Temporary Cellular Networks for Industry
  • Private Push-to-talk Mobile Networks


  • Voice, SMS/text, data services
  • Coverage up to 5 kilometres
  • SMS to individual, group or broadcast via Web GUI
  • Easy integration with external networks


  • Individual & Group voice call & text messaging
  • Individual & Group push-to-talk
  • Dispatch console, broadcast text messaging
  • Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Three way calling
  • System, group and individual based user dial plans
  • Inbound / Outbound call restrictions


Our 4G LTE Base Station is industry's smallest and fastest-built 4G LTE Ad-hoc network Base Station platform, which solves the problem of wireless broadband data transmission at large-job-sites with ultra-high cost performance.

Our 4G LTE Base Station can quickly establish a dedicated 4G-LTE Ad-hoc network to achieve emergency image transmission and all other broadband data services based on the IP protocol. In scenarios such as natural disasters or emergency, when the existing transportation, communication facilities and power supply at the target site are unavailable, our Base Station can be carried by a single person to the designated location in the shortest time and quickly be set up.

The person can then establish a dedicated 4G LTE Ad-hoc network, to ensure that the executive personnel of the target site can transmit multi-channel, high-definition images and other data to the field command center in real time. This can guarantee that the field command center can send instructions to each person in real time executive staff.




Build-in Base Station

Working Frequency 

TDD-LTE: 560-600MHz (Optional 380-430M, 1447-1467M, 1785-1805M)

Other models are available in below frequency bands:

TDD Bands: Band38/39/40/41/42

FDD Bands:Band1/2/3/5/7/14/28

Working Bandwidth


Maximum Number of Users

50 users

Maximum Data Throughput (20M bandwidth)

Downlink 150Mbps/Uplink 75Mbps

Maximum Data Throughput (10M bandwidth)

Downlink 75Mbps/Uplink 37Mbps

Maximum Transmit Power

2×20W (Optional 2x10W)

Receive Sensitivity


Built-in Scheduling Server (optional)


Intel CORE i7



Hard Disk


Built-in Mesh Module (Customized)

Working Frequency


Working Bandwidth


Maximum Transmit Power


Public network

Support Network




 (Height) 346mm * (width) 292mm * (depth) 90mm





Working Power

Power Voltage

DC DC20V-60V Wide Range

Power Consumption

Maximum Power Consumption


Average Power Consumption


Power on &

 Power off

One-Button to Boot

Without having to set parameters after startup, allowing to set up cell within 5 minutes to start services

One-button Shutdown

Press the power switch at any time for power off


Power Supply

1-port DC power input and 4-core Aviation Plug

Power Switch

Button power switch and green indicator light

RF Antenna Interface

2 RF interfaces, 50 Ω N pedestal

GPS Antenna Interface

1 RF interface, 50 Ω SMA pedestal

3G/4G Public Network Antenna Interface

2 RF interfaces, 50 Ω SMA pedestal

Mesh Antenna Interface

1 RF interface, 50 Ω SMA pedestal

Ethernet WAN Interface

1 Ethernet WAN interface, aviation interface

Ethernet LAN Interface

2 Ethernet LAN interfaces, aviation interface

Debug Interface

Used for Base Station debugging

Working Environment

Ambient Temperature

-40 - 55°C

Relative Humidity


Protection Class


We offer end-to-end 4G/LTE network for tactical communications, an integrated, multi-service solution for instant, on-the-field communication, offering a suite of cellular Voice, Video, Data and office services like PBX, VoIP, Internet/Intranet and Wi-Fi at remote locations that have unreliable or non-existent networks.

A typical system includes:

  •  LTE installed on a telescopic 30m mast with solar power and battery backup
  • Multiple IP backhaul options (Fiber / IP Radio / VSAT)
  • Connectivity to existing radios through Radio Gateway/Media Gateway/Universal Gateway
  • Integration of PBX extensions
  • Wireless surveillance & advance security features


  • Multimedia communication with 4G/LTE connectivity for forward areas
  • Secure communication through fixed line and wireless with Data and Internet service at remote locations for tactical and rescue missions
  • Enables critical communication where there is limited/zero infrastructure, or existing infrastructure is destroyed

This fully-integrated solution sets up a private, secure, mobile communication network in a short time period to enable forces at forward bases, camps, and remote area posts to communicate effectively.

An emergency communication, search and rescue system for emergency response; provides an independent communication network to first responders, aids in search and rescue by providing mobile location information and connectivity to active mobiles of affected civilian population, and integrates with different legacy radio networks to provide actionable information to authorities seeking a holistic incident picture.

Solution Highlights

  • Easy to deploy; can be set up and made operational within hours
  • Equipped with search and rescue equipment to detect and locate and the trapped population
  • Simple configurations - deploy and power-on for instant mobile services and connectivity
  • Guaranteed services for emergency response team users


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