RKTPL Delivers Reliable Wireless Broadband Access for Early Prevention of Forest Fires and Real-Time Area Monitoring

Forest terrain can be challenging and unpredictable and traditional cables and optical fibers are often difficult and expensive to deploy and maintain. For this reason, wireless broadband access is the best solution for implementation of real-time and mission critical forest applications

Upon deployment of an early warning fire prevention system, monitoring points consisting of High-Definition (HD) infrared cameras and sensors are strategically placed around the forest to deliver real-time video, weather and location data and all other relevant information to the monitoring center.

RKTPL’s Point-to-Point (PtP) and Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP) wireless solutions provide reliable, high capacity broadband connectivity to support bandwidth demanding applications, essential for fire-fighter decision making during mission critical situations.

RKTPL’s wireless solutions are ideal for a wide range of forest applications including scenic area management, real-time video monitoring, Wi-Fi services for hikers and tourists and also provide support for SOS equipment.

Intelligent Forestry Applications
RKTPL’s comprehensive portfolio of wireless solutions can seamlessly adapt to the complex terrain and conditions of the forest while providing reliable, long-range broadband connectivity

  • Early Warning Fire Prevention System
  • Forestry Scenic Area Security System
  • Real-Time Weather Monitoring System
  • Natural Forest and Pasture Protection System

Low Investment, Powerful Air Interface

RKTPL’s unique air interface effectively mitigates interference to assure reliable wireless transmission in near and non-line-of-sight scenarios. The initial investment of a wireless network is much lower than fiber, helping save upon infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Durable and Reliable

Harsh environments dealing with wind, rain and snow require durable products. RKTPL offers highly reliable IP67 carrier-grade equipment that reduces maintenance and replacement costs.

High Capacity, Long-Range

Every monitoring point within the forest covers a large area tremendous distance. HD cameras, gimbals, and other equipment require high-bandwidth transmission.

Support and Services

We can provide support and engineering services to help you to roll out your network, and to customize our standard products for your application!

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