GPS/GLONASS primary reference source contains multi-channel GPS/GLONASS receiver, time scale comparison unit and automatically adjustable Rubidium reference oscillator.The instrument is intended to be used as the first class SDH synchronization equipment of digital networks telecommunication.

Key applications
Digital SDH networks clock synchronization.


Output signals:
– 5 and 10 MHz, sine, 1 V into 5 Ω load;
– 2.048 MHz, pulse, (ITU-T G.703/13). Optionally: 2048 kbps, pulse, (ITU-T G.703/9);
– 1 Hz, pulse, TTL levels into 50 Ω load, (1 pps GPS/GLONASS receiver output).

Metrological characteristics are given in the table

Relative frequency accuracy≤±3×10–12
Accuracy (over environment)≤±1×10–11
Time accuracy from UTC/UTC SU, (RMS)≤10 ns
Time errors requirements of ITU-T G.811/6.1 and ETS 300 462-6/5.1
Maximum Time Interval ErrorTime interval
MTIE (ns)
0.1<t≤1000< td=””></t≤1000<>0.275t+25
Time Deviation ErrorTime interval
TDEV (ns)
0.1<t≤1000< td=””></t≤1000<>3
100<t≤1000< td=””></t≤1000<>0.03t
1000<t≤10< td=””></t≤10<>30
Output signal 2.048 MHz jitterMeets requirements of
ITU-T G.811/6.2;
ETS 300 462-6/5.2
TDEV (ns)

Digital control and monitoring all operating parameters on LSD display.
Interface: RS-232C; USB. Optionally: NTP-server (Stratum 1); SiRF time protocol.
Power: AC 220 V; 50 Hz, or DC: (38.4÷57.6) V, double inputs (have to be determined in purchase order).
Power consumption: 45 W in normal conditions (85 W warm up time 1 hour). Dimensions (W×H×D): 483mm×133mm×310mm.
Antenna: dimensions 185mm×∅181mm. Weight 0.5 kg. Antenna cable’s lenght is 60 m. Weight: 10 kg.
Warranty: 3 years.
Life time: 15 years.

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