4G LTE for Marine

Helping to improve on-board communications and processes.

Getting and staying connected at sea, so that communications can run seamlessly as your ships move between territories, is no small challenge. Yet, today, connectivity is becoming more and more essential for marine applications.

4G LTE for marine provides an answer, by delivering a secure and flexible network solution which adapts as your ship moves – changing networks seamlessly. RKTPL solutions can also failover to satellite to ensure connectivity is delivered even when outside 4G LTE ranges. This networking approach means your marine workers can complete their work unhindered by connectivity issues, while security and operational processes can also be optimised.

RKTPL 4G LTE for Marine Solutions 
  • Primary Communications on-board your vessels are key, and whether this is connecting a VoIP system or simply providing WiFi for employees, 4G LTE is a reliable and secure means.We setup private ,secure and standalone 4G LTE network on board for free voice, text & data services on board 24×7.
  • Failover connectivity ensures your critical systems are kept online when you have issues with your primary connectivity. Our solutions can even work with satellite for increased resilience, covering ships when they’re out of 4G LTE range.
  • Container and Asset Tracking systems can keep your information up-to-date, ensuring the right containers and assets are in the right place, at the right time. Real-time alerts via your 4G LTE solution can also enable proactive maintenance by monitoring usage accurately.
  • CCTV and Security Systems help to improve the safety of your assets and people; a 4G LTE for marine solution can enable elective retrieval of footage when it’s needed most. Our solutions can also connect to the port’s WiFi for offloading non-critical footage when the ship docks, reducing your data costs.

Communications plays an integral part in the maritime industry. Satellite connectivity plays an important role in open sea communications and solutions that make effective use of limited bandwidth and latency challenges are often needed. RKTPL enables you to deploy a stand-alone operational cellular network on-board at sea.This product combines all of the key elements in a cellular network into a single system that is easy to transport and carry. Integration with any external networks can also be supported.Our distributed network architecture enables network operators to operate 2G/3G/4G networks over satellite.

A ruggedized enclosure houses all the necessary components of a cellular network. This System is capable of supporting voice, data and SMS services. A Wi-Fi interface enables the system operator to manage its group of users via PC, laptop or tablet computer. The GUI interface is simple and easy to use. Groups of phones can be set up for push-to-talk communications, group calling and text messages. Additionally, system operators can send text messages from the GUI to the users. These features make this system an excellent field communications tool.

System Features

  • Voice, SMS/text, data services
  • Coverage up to 3 kilometers
  • SMS to individual, group or broadcast via Web GUI
  • Easy integration with external networks

Call Management Features

  • Individual & Group voice call & text messaging
  • Individual & Group push-to-talk
  • Dispatch console, broadcast text messaging
  • Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Three way calling
  • System, group and individual based user dial plans
  • Inbound / Outbound call restrictions

We enable these maritime applications:

  • Private or roaming based onboard cellular network services: Voice/Text/Data
  • Cellular data networks for IoT/M2M applications onboard, off-shore & near-shore
  • Onboard connectivity for Smart Container Solutions
  • Broadband connectivity for coastal security applications
  • Crew/onboard staff communications cellular networks

 Technology Supported

  • GSM
  • 3G CDMA2000
  • 3G UMTS (W-CDMA)*
  • 4G LTE


  • Ethernet / RJ-45
  • USB
  • WiFi

Input Voltage : 12 – 35 VDC
Power Consumption 90 W typical operating
Options Battery Pack: Solar wind power system to maintain power autonomy on board.

  • Temperature Operating: -40 to +50°C
  • Storage: -40 to +75°C

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