Building a telecommunications infrastructure is a difficult task when there are neither conditions, nor experience, nor specialists for this. RKTPL has an expertise and capability to build a telecommunications infrastructure anywhere around the world.  

We design integrate and deploy Power Systems for CLS (Cable Landing Station (switching equipment)) that provides routing of incoming and outgoing Internet traffic.

Power System for Cable Landing Stations

RKTPL offers end-to-end telecommunications infrastructure for Cable landing stations and data-centers anywhere around the globe.

When it comes to building a new cable landing station or a new data center, the customer expects to receive the entire solution entirely from a single supplier, and also wants to secure that will work without complaints.

In such cases, we use container data centers. They can be brought directly to the customer’s site and assembled in the shortest possible time, locating the equipment according to previously prepared schemes, and also taking advantage of the solutions originally put into place. Companies may trust on us to design and develop a customized power systems and data centers for cable landing stations.

How it works?

As we receive an inquiry from customers, we start making customized data-center+power system to meet customer expectations and their pre-approved designs and share with them for approval. As our solution is approved and meeting their expectations, we sign a contract with them to supply and deliver in container trailers.

If company is needed a reliable data center that requires minimal maintenance, and in the shortest possible time. they should decide to use ready-made infrastructure based on RKTPL Power Solutions. RKTPL’s  Container based solution is easy to transport and deploy anywhere.

When the container trailers arrived at proposed location,we can unload and assemble at the site of constant operation. For the installation of containers, a special column foundation can prepared to raise the data center above ground level, at the same time providing the possibility of ventilation of the data center from below. Testing, delivery and installation of the structure may took only 50 days – that is  how long it took to build the infrastructure on an almost empty site.


A full-fledged data center

It may be designed as a data center in 7 containers that would be combined into three functional areas. In the first room, consisting of two combined containers, would be CLS (Cable Landing Station). It has switching equipment that provides routing of incoming and outgoing Internet traffic.

The second room, also made up of two containers, is the power room. Here are  RKTPL distribution cabinets connected to 230 V and 400 V power supply networks, as well as uninterruptible power supplies that provide autonomous operation of loads up to 100 kW.

The third room is designed to accommodate IT loads,which may be used to placed their workloads in the new data center receive the fastest access to international traffic exchange channels.

Placement of equipment

To cool the CLS cable station, five  Room Cool air conditioners, 40 kW each, may be used or we can design free cooling units depending on site location environment conditions. We may also propose hybrid solar power options,which can be installed at different ends of the zone to provide efficient power and air cooling for switching equipment. The equipment layout in the CLS is as follows:

Considering the problems associated with instability of power supply (which are typical of many regions), quite a lot of batteries can installed in the power zone: six 12V batteries per 100 A * H, as well as 84 batteries at 200 A * H and 144 batteries with a voltage of 2 V and a capacity of 3000 A * H. Distribution systems can be installed in the center of the room, and batteries and uninterruptible power supplies are installed along the edges.

The room with the server equipment may be divided into two zones, between which the same 40 kW RoomCool air conditioning units mat be installed, as in CLS. At the first stage, two air conditioners may be enough for the data center; however, as new racks with servers are added, their number can be increased without changing the hall topology.

To control the entire complex, Site Infra software is used, which allows operators to control the temperature of each rack with equipment, as well as change the parameters of power consumption.

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