The Challenge

As we know that when any ship/vessel start moving towards deep sea, mobile & internet services becomes very expensive at sea due to roaming charges and/or satellite backhaul charges.Only key crew members may use satellite phone for voice, text and limited data services for smooth operation at sea  but most of the people on-board are unconnected with rest of the world.

Traditionally , people on-board can make a phone call from their own mobile phone, but it’s not always possible. Depending on where their ship is at any given moment, they might or might not have a phone signal. When they do have one, it’s coming through any mobile operator roaming agreement with satellite companies to offer their limited mobile services at sea and is considered a roaming charge by their  cell carrier.

Rates are typically exceptionally high, with phone calls often costing upwards of $2.50 per minute. Verizon, for example, charges $2.99/minute for voice calls, while T-Mobile charges a whopping $5.99/minute. AT&T charges $3.00/minute, or you can purchase one of two cruise ship calling packages if you’re sailing with one of more than 20 cruise lines.

The Question

Question arises here. Is is possible to enjoy best mobile experience on-board at very very low cost and/or free? Answer is : yes. RKTPL enables you to deploy a stand-alone operational cellular network on-board. This cellular network combines all of the key elements into a single system that is easy to mount anywhere on the vessel. Integration with any external networks can also be supported.

End-to-end offering  

  • Cellular Network on board for voice, text and video services. Access mobile services on your device quickly and easily.  Share pictures of those special moments, send a quick text, make an important phone call, or check an urgent email.
  • Digital TV solutions to re-broadcast TV channels/VoD/Stream from CCTV cameras or event broadcast/Create your own TV channel/Embed advertising or local programs/E-commerce – goods and services catalog for subscribers on TV/Android and iOS devices.
  • Internet of Things ( IoT ), Artificial Intelligence and M2M for container live tracking on real-time basis and many more….

The Solution

RKTPL offers portable, standalone cellular network on 2G/3G/4G LTE  technology which is easy to mount anywhere on vessels/cruise ships without affecting other operational services. We use smart high-tech technology to enhance uniform coverage and capacity inside cruise-ship/vessel and on-board.People on-board may enjoy FREE mobile services with-in radius of 3-5 km from cruise-ship/vessels.

People are making phone calls to each-other , sharing text, video and enjoying mobile TV on board FREE because this network is working in standalone mode and head-end server is installed on board alongwith 4G LTE Network in a box.


Typical deployment scenarios for connecting mainland from ships/vessels at deep sea

Seafarers can make and/or receive calls and text messages, anytime anywhere in deep ocean water at very low cost compare to transitional approach.

Mobile Network at Sea

Our maritime 2G/3G/4G LTE solution delivers a variety of interfaces to seamlessly interoperate with commercial VoIP, PBX, PSTN and any external mobile networks.Our mobile network solution provides reliable, guaranteed, good quality voice , SMS and video streaming services at sea.

System Features:

  • Voice, SMS/text, data & video streaming services
  • Uniform mobile coverage on board ( indoor/outdoor)
  • SMS/Text to individual , group or broadcast via Web GUI
  • Live Video Streaming and Video on Demand Services on TV/Android/iOS Devices
  • Easy integration with any external networks
  • Easy integration with existing communication system available on board

RKTPL offers a smart cellular network on cruise ships/vessels  that has great coverage inside the ship. It allows you to support passengers’ digital lifestyle and connect with them before, during and after their trip with you.

IPTV/OTT/ TV Solutions 

We offer TV Solutions for sea and river vessels and develop mobile app also so that crew members and passengers may enjoy TV on mobile.It has the ability to broadcast TV over Wi-Fi/4G LTE.

  • Retransmission of TV channels from the KVH Satellite TV M7/M9, SAILOR 90 and other
  • Movies and TV series for passengers
  • Informational TV channel
  • Video-on Demand Services
  • Live Streaming Channel on board for any event live telecast on-board.
  • Support for static and mobile devices
  • Emergency alert PA/GA
  • 12V Power supply

Head-end and video servers

All-in-one TV Head-end for Cruise Ships

All-in-one TV Head-end for Large Vessels

All-in-one TV Head-end for Yacht/Ships

  • Aqcuire TV channels from satellite, air, cable networks or studios
  • Stream from CCTV cameras or event broadcast
  • Create your own TV channel
  • Embed advertising or local programs
  • Deliver recorded TV programs (TV Archive, CatchUP TV)
  • Movies and TV shows (VoD)
  • EPG-server (Electronic Program Guide)


Customer devices, Multiscreen

  • TV set-top boxes (IP STB)
  • Android and iOS devices
  • WEB-browser application
  • Tizen based SmartTV
  • WebOS based SmartTV
  • Multilanguage interface

TV solutions for Cruise Ships/Vessels

  • Digitial TV experience at sea
  • Third-party billing systems integration
  • Centralized set-top boxes management
  • Customer area on a TV screen
  • Online shopping via TV on board
  • Advertising and create own channel on-board

Cruise Ship/vessel operator opportunities

  • Paid services billing
  • TV watching statistics
  • Media Content Management System
  • E-commerce – goods and services catalog for subscribers
  • Main page ADs, ticker, messages for customers
  • Interface customization

Container live tracking 

Digital transformation in the ocean shipping industry includes the ongoing deployment of sensors and tracking devices on refrigerated and dry shipping containers around the world. This smart on-board vessel  technology adoption enables greater visibility and management of goods being transported around the world.

A simple example is the shipment of fruits & dairy products around the world. Shipping fruits & dairy products requires refrigeration and controlled levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide while in a shipping container in order not to ripen prior to reaching the retailer. Smart vessel technology enables this control, tracking and monitoring to be possible.

While refrigerated containers (reefers) are being moved around on land, they are connected via commercial public mobile operator networks such as those offered by mobile operators. Each container has a smart device on it that uses mobile data services (GSM or LTE technology) to connect to the network. Once connected, it can share and transfer data to a centralized location where container owners can review real-time information and make decisions. They are also able to share this information with their customers and clients.

While the smart containers are at sea, there is no public mobile network coverage. Without network coverage, the smart containers cannot be monitored remotely until it reaches the shore and reconnects. Maritime shipping routes can be up to 20+ days and the only way to ensure a refrigerated container is working while at sea is to manually check it. Large vessels can carry up to 10,000 containers so individually checking each unit becomes challenging.

Satellite has been the preferred communications platform of merchant shipping in recent decades. RKTPL’s connectivity platform combines satellite and mobile connections and is attracting considerable interest as a result.

Our partner network is global and highly qualified, which means our services are available to vessels of all kinds wherever they may travel. Through them merchant ships can access the our Maritime solution, geared specifically to their mobile communications needs, technologies and devices.

Combining applications such as fleet management and navigation systems with our mobile connectivity platform has proved an asset for ship owners. Working with key solution partners we continuously respond to the demand for systems integration.

For today and tomorrow, our Maritime and our network partners deliver solutions geared specifically to commercial communication needs at sea.

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