Reliable Mobile Communication Network for Voice and Broadband Services on Board

Advancement in wireless technology over the last decade has inspired the spread of GSM and Wi-Fi wireless access networks.RKTPL’s instant communication network for the marine industry is a unified solution that addresses communication requirements from local to global connect via GSM and broadband services. Ships/cruise provide many comfort and facilities to its passengers. The advancement in wireless technology over the last decade has inspired spread of wireless network service over ocean. Passengers too expect onboard voice, data and messaging communication services using their personal handset to connect with friends, family and business associate back home, as on land. This is made possible by RKTPL’s marine GSM solution.

RKTPL’s instant communication network for marine industry is a unified solution addressing communication requirements from Local to Global connect via GSM and broadband services. The RKTPL’s solution can also be used for coast guard communication near the coast from the lighthouse, and between off-shore ships/boats.


Marine GSM solution from RKTPL is a secure,lightweight, rapidly deployable digital wireless network.This state-of-the-art integrated system delivers a variety of interfaces to seamlessly interoperate with commercial VoIP, PBX, PSTN and mobile networks.The 3GPP based marine GSM is hardened to survive transportation and the extremes of all operational environments. The entire system is configured to consume extremely low power, is highly portable, and delivers without compromise.

Marine GSM solution will provide passengers and crew with reliable, guaranteed, good quality voice along with SMS and broad band data service while at sea.

Marine GSM & Broadband Network


  • Integrated Backhaul for Voice, Data and Broadband Services
  • Small form Factor, Quick Deployment
  • Privately Owned & Remotely Managed Network
  • Cell Broadcast for Quick Communication between Crew Members & Users
  • DAS Deployment Provides Seamless and Full Coverage
  • PBX Services Extension to GSM Network
  • Reduced Infrastructure Cost
  • Seamless Connectivity to Head Quarter over Satellite
  • Local Call Switching Provide Free on-net Calls
  • Service Affordable with Resource Saving for Both Ship-owners and Subscribers
  • Improve on Security Challenges
  • Reliable and Flexible with Cost-savings
  • External GSM & Internet Connectivity over Satellite on BW on Demand
  • Broadband Backhaul Helps in Remote Management of Vessel Machines
  • Optimized Spectrum Power Provide Power Saving of System & Mobile
  • Reducing and Managing Risk
  • Compatible with Industry Standard 2G/2.5G & Carrier Grade Hardware


  • Standalone Mode
  • Interface with Local PBX
  • Connected to Land Infrastructure over Satellite


  • Passenger Ships and Cruise Liners
  • Big Ferries and Super-yachts
  • Cargo and Other Commercial Ships, Naval Ships
  • Off-shore Communication between Ships and Yatchs
  • Coast Guard Communication from Light House


  • Seamless Voice & Broadband Data Connectivity from Anywhere Anytime
  • Mobility and Easy Reach Ability on Board
  • Industry Standard Secured Communication
  • Communication within Ship at Negligible Cost
  • Complete end to end Solution
  • Cellular Phones on Board as an Added Safety Measure
  • Easy Installation without Impacting Ship’s Operation
  • Broadband for email and Other Internet Applications Including Large File Transfers
  • Additional Revenue for Ship Operators through Instant Communication About on Going Sales, Offers
  • Instant Communication to Crew on Any Meeting/Events/Any Other Information
  • Provision for Communication to Selected Group or Individuals Communication with Shore via Satellite

GSM Coverage for Coast Guard

Crew and passengers

  • Reliable, Secured Communication with Mobility
  • On Board Communication at Near Zero Cost
  • Commercial Class GSM Handset for Communication
  • Cost Effective Connectivity to Home, Friends and Work
  • Advance Information on All Events/Activities on Board
  • A Secured Access to email, Internet Surfing, Social Networking Conveniently and Cost Effectively with Users Own Instrument


  • Opportunity to Extend Revenue with Attractive Tariff Plan for on Board Users
  • Easy Integration with Land Infrastructure on Industry Standard Interface
  • Low Powered Radio Communication
  • Antenna to Boost Range
  • Optimized Satellite Backhaul Connectivity
  • Integrated VAS Modules
  • Low CAPEX for Spot Coverage
  • Drastically Slashed Down OPEX
  • Remote Management
  • A Secured VPN with Land Using Broadband on Board and Dedicated Satellite Connection

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