Carrier-Class Wireless Broadband Solutions that enrich people’s lives!

Carrier-grade Point-to-Point for access and backhaul
We offer point-to-point wireless radio in sub 6GHz frequency bands to deliver net throughput upto 1 Gbps, while supporting distances of up to 120km / 75miles for fixed wireless P2P connectivity. Our radios support advanced networking schemes upto 14 modulation techniques.


PtMP solutions that enable extended network reach through unmatched reliability!

Our PtMP solutions address a wide range of wireless connectivity scenarios and meet the growing demand for high-capacity connectivity, required for business, residential and vertical applications. Our comprehensive portfolio delivers fiber-like connectivity over several frequency bands, including TVWS, Sub 6GHz and 60GHz mmWave. Our Operational Support System (OSS) and RF Planning  tools simplify PtMP network operations and ensure long-term, high-quality connectivity.

Highest wireless broadband capacity for trains, vehicles & vessels on the move
We deliver wireless broadband solutions with unmatched throughput and wide area coverage for trains, vehicles and vessels in motion while ensuring service continuity at high speeds and in challenging environments.

Wireless Broadband Connections in Motion

  • Seamless mobile broadband access along the Railway/Underground Tunnel.
  • Reliable base for various services: Wi-Fi, IPTV, video surveillance from cars, transmitting information about autos which crossing railroad to locomotive driver etc.
  • Seamless coverage for open pits with an area of dozens of square kms.
  • Telemetry data acquisition, video surveillance, voice traffic and Internet access for both fixed and mobile objects within a single infrastructure.
  • Robust solutions, working in the most severe climates
  • Nomadic and mobile vehicle connection70 km to sea shore around 20 mb/s capacity
  • Transmission of data, voice, video and other information via one channel
  • Seamless coverage for vessels at a distance of 25–30 km from the port terminal

Proven and trusted.

Our wireless broadband solutions are deployed in multiple countries including India, Bangladesh, Nepal , EMEA and CIS region

Tailored to you.

Our experienced team will work with you to understand your needs and identify the best solutions possible to allow you to focus on your business.

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