RKTPL is offering a scalable tele-health platform that enables complete remote care delivery that is built to world-class standards and is currently in use across 14 plus countries including India, Spain, Greece, Peru, Bangladesh, Mexico and Nepal.

RKTPL's tele-health platform can be deployed to bring diagnostics , High-quality consultations and medicine vending. This system will also allow complete Medical Health Records of patients , data telemetry, history of consults and patient health record access.

RKTPL's tele-health platform solution will help :

  • To provide easy means for citizens to get a health check-up which includes basic essential parameters.
  • To promote wellness using RKTPL's smart diagnostics medical kits and  tele-health app.
  • To provide accessibility to medicines prescribed at the remote clinic by automatic medicine dispensing using Medicine Vending Machine.
  • To provide access to timely screening and treatment for patients in remote areas which is critical to reduce communicable disease spread and improve the health of the people in the region using Backpack clinic.
  • To provide early screening and diagnosis to help improve outcomes and reduce cost.
  • To provide General/specialist / super-specialist medical consultations to the populations who are deprived of good medical services due to inaccessibility.
  • To reduce the burden of out-of-pocket expenditure of the population by providing good quality of care near to their location.
  • To make maximum use of public run maternity homes, dispensaries, clinics and mobile health vans by treating patients within their scope of services, as per advice given by the specialists at public and state-run hospitals.
  • To reduce overcrowding of patients at the existing Government hospitals, clinics and dispensaries.
  • To reduce the number of patients going to bigger cities and private sectors because of non-availability of doctors near them.

RKTPL's tele-health platform solution consist of following :

  • Telemedicine Kiosk - for diagnostics and Telemedicine with a signed prescription. This includes Telemedicine Kiosk and Doctor’s End software application .
  • Telemedicine carts - Carts for providing tele-ICU and ward consultations and ideal for rural/remote healthcare centers
  • Medicine Vending Machine - For automated delivery of Medicine .
  • Tele-Health Software/ App - Complete Tele-health software management platform with mobile apps. Digital access to the vitals and prescription for patients

RKTPL's tele-health platform solution include the following :

  • 57+ Health Multiparameter Monitor( SP02, Temperature, NIBP, option BG and PR)( complete list in below sections ), along with
  • Stethoscope , Multi- Video Scope (dermatoscope, otoscope, oral/dental examination/basic eye examination attachments) , document scanner
  • Remote PTZ camera , Large 43inch LED screen + 24-inch touch screen , ink-tank Printer

RKTPL's tele-health platform solution

The details of the components selected as mentioned in the below sections. Additional devices can be added to solve multiple other use cases including full-fledged labs or Medical Imaging.

  • The services are orchestrated between the remote endpoints i.e. nursing stations and patients with the doctor on the other side via end-to-end encryption.
  • Both walk-in consultation with doctors who are available online as well for experts consultation, a full-fledged scheduling mechanism is also available.
  • It supports multiple medical device integration.
Doctor's End Setup:

Initial Items

  • tele-health software
  • 1-year subscription for doctor’s account

Capabilities at Doctor's End

*Note: All capabilities will be available depending on the choice
The image lists the capabilities built into the RKTPL's tele-health platform. Capabilities related to the Telemedicine will be enabled on the Cloud.

Telemedicine Cart

To provide portability and mobility that can be used in ICU, wards, ambulance or temporary health care facility for seeking access to specialist consultation from other healthcare setups. This solution is expected to enable the following :

  • Allow intensivist to advice across multiple ICUs situated across hospitals
  • To provide means for intensivists and senior doctors to monitor the ICU and ward patients from a remote command and control area
  • To provide virtual rounds of the wards for doctors
  • To reduce exposure of the intensivists in case of monitoring COVID-19 patients.
  • Tele psychiatry consults with the patients.
  • To provide safe means of communication with the family members.

The Telemedicine Cart ICU Solution proposed consists of the following:

  • ICU cart - Medical grade cart with battery backup, Compute and High end video conferencing. The cart also includes few essential medical devices.
  • ICU Solution - Cloud software for managing tele ICU visits.
  • ICU gateway - Gateway to connect the bedside monitors and other attached devices.
  • 27″ 1080p HD widescreen monitor
  • 1080p HD pan-tilt-zoom camera with 10x optical zoom
  • Far-end camera control
  • Automatic audio/video feed switching
  • Connected medical devices as needed (see below)
  • Intel® Core™ i3-8109U Processor (4M Cache, up to 3.60 GHz)
  • 4 GB DDR4-2400 1.2V SO-DIMM
  • 650 VA UPS battery backup
  • Pneumatic height adjustable
Medicine Vending machine

Medicine Vending machine that is proposed will provide :

  • QR code scanning based prescription medicine vending
  • Touch Screen based interaction. Localised in Hindi/English and other languages
  • Voice prompts in Hindi/English etc.
  • Real-Time insights into stocks and vending
  • AI-based medicine validation - Optional .
  • Medicine inventory and refill management
  • Digital payments - Optional .

The details of the components are detailed in the below sections

Tele-Health Software /App
  • It helps patients to have secure teleconsultations with the doctors from anywhere using their smartphones(Android/iPhone) or computers( Windows / Mac.)
  • Self-service Appointment booking through booking page.
  • Optional appointment booking using calls to the care-coordinator
  • Validation with OTP
  • Optional Payment Gateway
  • Appointment notifications and reminders
  • MoHFW guidelines compliant telemedicine
  • Secure storage of telemedicine data exchange.
  • Comprehensive Doctor schedule management
  • Prescription module.
  • File sharing
  • ID capture for verification.
  • Doctor appointment management.
  • Virtual waiting rooms.
  • Can be rolled out to patients/citizens on mobile devices from their home for appointments, consultations, home medical device integration, chronic care & virtual step down ICU.
  • AI-based symptom analysis and triaging. It will provide e-consultations to the patients. This enables easy access to health records like vitals, Prescriptions and other scanned documents. There will be relevant health and wellness content made available on the app.


  • Fully supported on iOS, Android, tablet, PC, and Mac.
  • HD video calls and messaging with HIPAA compliant security.
  • Appointment scheduling and reminders for providers and patients.
  • Provider can review symptoms, medical history, and health records while talking to the patient.
  • Provider can write prescriptions, lab orders, and doctor’s notes right in the app.
  • Family members or specialist doctors can be invited to the video call with multi-party calling.
Monitoring and Reporting

RKTPL Tele-health platform also comes with a monitoring and reporting dashboard which will provide real-time statistics on patient and population health data. It is customizable and shareable. This tool can be used to mine data and gain insights into health and disease-related information.

Portable Telemedicine Kit

Lightweight and sleek, our portable kit enables telemedicine on-the-go.

It include following :

  • Portable Kit with cushion for device protection
  • Weighing Scale
  • Ultrasonic Height Measuring Device
  • Fitness Measure Tape
  • Hb Meter - CE certified
  • BP Monitor
  •  IR Temperature - FDA certified
  • Portable ECG - CE certified
  • Pulse Oximeter - CE certified
  • TDS meter
  • Thermal printer
  • Batteries and Charger
  • Tablet device
  • Video scope low end
  • Stethoscope

Below are some screens of the workflows

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