We are making a sustainable contribution towards the development of National Infrastructure by providing technologically advanced solutions and to play a critical role in making India the most preferred destination for the fulfillment of local and global.

We offer wide range of towers for telecom applications to meet the most stringent global building and safety standards and include standard microwave antennas, wireless internet, cellular radio antenna platforms, mobile or LPTV antennas, PCS/Wireless radio towers and more.
RKTPL is able to rapidly supply quantities according to customer request from its wide range of standard tower designs. RKTPL Towers are readily available in diverse sizes from 3 to 140 meters and configurations of 3 legs, 4 legs, guyed masts, monopoles and roof top solutions.  Their intelligent designs maximize ship container space enabling efficient and economical shipping costs.
Types of Telecom Towers by  RKTPL
  • Self Support Towers   

  • 4 legs Angular Tower (Type A)  
  • 3 legs Angular Tower (Type E)  
  • 3 legs Tower with Tubular legs and angular braces (Type N/K)  
  • 3 legs tubular tower (type MX)
  • Circular Monopoles

  • Polygonal Monopoles

  • Guyed Towers

  • Monopoles
  • Flange Monopole
  • Slip Joint Monopole
  • Special Solutions
  • Roof Top Solutions
  • Cell On Wheels ( COW)

Camouflaging Solutions

  • Palm Tree  Structured Tower

  • Coconut Tree Structured Tower

  • Pine Tree Structured Tower

  • Lotus Tree Structured Tower

Transmission Line Towers

  • Lattice Tower Structures

  • Body & Cross Arms Arrangement

  • Monopole Transmission Line

  • DC Cross Arms

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