RKTPL is pioneering a disruptive approach to the delivery of cost-effective, carrier and mission-critical grade TDD and FDD Small Cell networks through its focus on software quality and partnerships with volume manufacturers.

RKTPL provides LTE Small Cell software and LTE Small Cell product solutions which address the real-world challenges of volume deployment of Small Cells. We offer turnkey solutions and unique experience on the challenges of integrating cellular technology on low cost, yet powerful platforms and architectures. RKTPL offers its customers solid and dependable system solutions, backed by the support of our unparalleled expertise.

RKTPL’s technology is genuinely independent from any HW platform and enables operators to invest once in the integration and validation of a common software base that can be deployed across different segments, platforms and Small Cell architectural approaches to enable a truly integrated HetNet.

We provide Urban, Enterprise, Rural and Remote 4G Small Cells for Fixed Wireless and Mobile access, enabling deployments from sparse coverage-constrained to capacity-constrained ultra-dense HetNet environments. We offer single cell and next-generation multi-carrier/multi-cell solutions which support, amongst others, the new worldwide 3.5GHz mobile capacity band and US CBRS.

Our enabling technologies include Network-in-a-box, Neutral Host/SCaaS, Mobile Edge Computing, Virtualization and IoT all the way to future 5G.

Addressing Market Segment

The Problems

  • Over 1.2 billion of the global population is still unconnected.Remote industrial and off shore sites facing connectivity challenge. 4G wireless could service them, but the coverage is not there yet.
  • Many people or businesses in rural areas have limited coverage.Vertical markets such as special events, public safety, ... are using older propietary
    connectivity solutions.

The Business Case

A cost effective way of serving rural populations,remote sites or answering vertical markets requirements open new opportunities.But provide 50% of revenue and 80% of telecom operators' profits. This highlights that more cost effective ways of serving rural populations are needed so that they do not miss out on the benefits of mobile.

RKTPL Small cells are driving:
  • Lower CAPEX
  • Reduction of OPEX
  • Reduced subscriber costs, lower ARPU
  • Alternative & innovative backhaul
  • Different ecosystems and business models

Small cells could deliver affordable mobile broadband coverage to an extra 650 million users worldwide with GDP benefits close to $1 trillion or an estimated operator benefit of $163 billion

The Solution

LTE Small Cells
Small cells reduce deployment costs and allow operators to target areas that were traditionally out of reach.Non-residential small cells will enjoy a CAGR of 36% in 2016-2021 and reach about 5m annual shipments in 2021.

Small Cell Benefits

  • Reducing the initial CAPEX  investment to enter a new market or area
    • Low equipment costs, outdoor small cells typically 1/10th to 1/30th of macrocell costs.
    • Low power, typically 1% of macro power consumption.
    • Small form factor, simplifying site acquisition if needed at all and transport of equipment to remote areas.
    • Easy product installation, reducing deployment time and costs.
  • Targeting small concentrated pockets of users
    • This helps to minimize the cost per subscriber by ensuring no coverage is wasted.
  • More readily supporting a range of backhaul options in remote areas
    • including existing IP based broadband connections,LOS and NLOS wireless backhaul solutions and optimized IP VSAT satellite backhaul solutions.
  • Reducing on-going OPEX in remote area
    • Via reduced site footprint (and hence less perimetral/physical security needed) and lower power consumption (allowing use of renewable energy sources).
  • Typical ROI
    • Small cell CAPEX/OPEX compared to Macro cell.

Use Cases

FWA for WISPs (Fixed Wireless Access for Wireless Internet Service Providers) Tower mounted B43 Local Area Outdoor “eNB” at 49m height with a 17 dBi cross-polarised antenna and fixed CPEs 21dBm power configuration. Solid, reliable, error-free data transfer (achieved max theoretical throughput) with up to 5Km cell radius (cell capable of supporting up to 14.3Km with PRACH 0)

FWA FTTx Last-mile
FTTH is expensive (CAPEX $500–$1,000 / subscriber) single carrier 4G LTE business case works in developing regions. MIMO for ‘fiber like’ speeds in developed regions.
Upgrade path towards 5G.
Roof Top mounted B42 Local Area Outdoor “E1010” at 20 m height with a 18 dBi panel antenna with downtilt and fixed outdoor CPEs 21dBm power confi guration .Solid, reliable, error-free throughput (achieved max theoretical value) with up to 1.5 Km cell radius.

End-To-End Solutions

While RKTPL provides small cells, we realize that many customers need help with realizing a consistent end-to-end LTE solution. WE CAN HELP YOU!

  • Small Cell eNBs & Self Optimizing Network (SON)
    Small cells reduce deployment costs and allow operators to target areas that were traditionally out of reach. Non-residential small cells will enjoy a CAGR of 36% in 2016-2021 and reach about 5m annual shipments in 2021.
  • Omnidirectional & sectorized Antenna
    Partner provided choice of the antenna you need.
  • EPC
    Tested interoperability with major EPC vendors and soft EPC providers.Integration services available. We successfully integrated soft EPCs into our eNB box. ‘Private LTE network in a box’. Great for PoC/labs.
  • User Equipment (UE) / Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) + SIM cards
    Tested interoperability with major outdoor/indoor UE/CPE vendors (cat 4 & 6). Depending on the operational band, we can assist you in sourcing the most suitable on the market. SIM cards too!
  • Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC)
    Our small cells contain a plug-in framework to embed limited MEC functionality. Or co-locate an external edge platform for high performance MEC (like video storage/transcoding).
  • Spectrum Licensing & Regulatory
    If you don’t have the spectrum licensing in place, we can provide external consultancy for your spectrum planning and regulatory needs.

For Further Information

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