Smart Towers are convergent modules of technology and services that can be fully-integrated or customized to deliver an array of diverse citizen needs, municipality administrative needs and authority’s responsibilities for ensuring public safety.

Smart Tower for  Telecommunications 

Unlike the conventional telecom tower, Smart towers looks good and matches with city infrastructure. It has the telecom power infrastructure in built to facilitate telecom operators to place their equipment. Smart pole has telecom tower infrastructure to match with city aesthetic and ready to accommodate upcoming technologies 2G/3G/4G/5G.

Smart Tower for  Smart Cities

The main features of these smart towers are :

  • Size of these towers may goes upto 40 m height.
  • Energy efficient and remotely controllable
  • Wi-Fi hotspot services for the city
  • Surveillance cameras for safety and parking violation detection
  • Environmental Sensors to monitor Air quality, temperature and humidity
  • Any kind of systems and devices can be mounted and/or integrated.

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