Rubidium Frequency Standard

  • Reference oscillator for navigation and communication equipment
  • Frequency Standard for measurement equipment
  • Frequency accuracy not more than 1.10–9 per year
  • 10 MHz output signal frequency
  • Wide operating temperature range from –40 to +55 °C


The small size Rb Frequency Standard provides VCXO output frequency stabilization to the high stability atomic transition line in 87Rb alkali metal isotope vapours.

The Instrument is based on the unique electrovacuum technology connected with physical and chemical processes of gaseous medium and alkali metal isotope interaction with an electromagnetic field.

The Standard metrological characteristics are superior to the best Crystal Oscillator characteristics.


The Standard high metrological characteristics define its wide application range:

  • Radionavigation systems;
  • Ground and satellite communication systems;
  • Chronometry systems.

Environmental resistance, small size, weight and low power consumption allow this Standard to be used in different mobile systems and complexes.

The Standard specifications are given in the Table.

Characteristic Option
Output signal frequency, MHz 10 10
Output signal voltage at 50 Ohm, V 1.0±0.2 1.0±0.2
Systematic frequency drift per month ±1.10–11 ±4.10–11
rms relative two-sample frequency deviation:
1 s 1.10–11 3.10–11
10 s 5.10–12 1.10–11
100 s 3.10–12 3.10–12
24 h 5.10–12 1.10–11
Relative frequency reproduction accuracy between

switchings on

2.10–11 2.10–11
Relative frequency deviation in the operating temperature range from -60 °С to +55 °С 2.10–10 2.10–10
SSB phase noise power spectral density at offset from, dB/Hz
85 Hz -130 -130
1 kHz -140 -140
10 kHz -150 -150
Relative frequency variation at supply voltage change

from 22 to 30 V

3.10–11 3.10–11
Output signal frequency tuning by external dc voltage

from 0 to +5 V, not less than

1.5.10–9 1.5.10–9
Warm-up time to 1.10–9 frequency deviation at ambient

temperature 25 °С, min

7 7
Power, V dc 22-30
Power consumption at 25 °С, W:
in warm-up mode, not more than 70
in operating mode, not more than 16
Volume, dm3 1.1
Dimensions, mm 88х76.5х158
Weight, kg 1.5


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