To support agile, digitally connected critical operations that respond to demand in real time, you need wireless connectivity everywhere. Our private 4G LTE network solutions give you secure and reliable connectivity that covers every inch of your operations, no matter how fast the parts are moving.

Suitable for all industries, our private 4G LTE network solutions let you break free from the restrictions of connectivity technologies such as Ethernet, Fieldbus and Wi-Fi. They transform your operations by providing the secure, reliable, flexible and cost-effective wireless connectivity that your business- and mission-critical applications demand.

With our solutions, you can support human and machine communications on one reliable mobile network, open up the Internet of Things (IoT) world and replace your aging private mobile radio network. You can also accelerate your digital transformation and be prepared to adopt 5G mobile technologies when the industrial ecosystem is ready.

How Private LTE Works?

Two ways to build a private LTE network

  1. Work with a mobile network operator that offers private services over its public 4.9G/LTE network. We support this option through our many network operator customers. We use small cells to provide LTE connectivity and virtualized Multi-access Edge Computing (vMEC) with local breakout applications to ensure that your private data stays within your LAN.
  2. Build your own LTE network using spectrum dedicated for industrial use, mobile operator leased spectrum, or technologies such as MulteFire or the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), which run on unlicensed spectrum that isn’t tied to mobile operators. We support all these options with our end-to-end solutions.

Mobile operators’ LTE networks serve the general public or enterprise subscribers. With a private 4.9G/LTE network, you can connect your people and things while keeping your data secure and on your premises.

Our private wireless offer features:

  • Support for the widest range of global spectrum bands, including unlicensed spectrum that supports deployment anywhere
  • Indoor and outdoor coverage for small to very large campuses, provided by our wide range of class-leading small and macro cells
  • Support for autonomous, on-premises private wireless networks, centralized or hybrid cloud architectures
  • End-to-end solutions for IP and optical, SD-WAN, wireless backhaul, Wireless PON, passive Optical LAN, edge cloud servers and analytics
  • Owned or as-a-service options
  • Rich analytics and digital automation enablers

By using the latest 4G LTE technology, you can ensure that your network can easily evolve to 5G when the technology and related ecosystem have matured.

Power your Industry  transformation with our private 4G LTE solution

  • Remotely control equipment and machines with HD video
  • Use cameras to improve site security and operational oversight
  • Collect environmental data from many low-power sensors
  • Implement remote-controlled, autonomous and collaborative cranes, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and forklift trucks
  • Increase worker safety with smart wearables
  • Run push-to-talk and push-to-video applications on LTE
  • Connect machines wirelessly to enable the reshuffling of production lines
Use Cases of Private LTE for Enterprise Networks

Private LTE can provide very specific benefits ranging from lower data costs and tighter information security to improved network performance, which make Private LTE the best available LAN option for a variety of locations.

  • Mining:Improve safety and efficiency with reliable wide area coverage for workers,wearables, camers, remote-controlled vehicles and AGVs.
  • Aviation:Boost efficiency with an intelligent airport communications network that gives you secure control over your operations.
  • Oil & Gas:Get reliable coverage for IoT sensors and remote plant monitoring and operation applications.
  • Private LTE for terminal operators:Create a wireless infrastructure that support video surveillance , video orchestration and remote operation and geo-positioning of vehicles.
  • Utilities:Coverage legacy communication entworks into a single smart grid network.
  • Manufacturing Facility:Many companies are implementing robotics inside manufacturing facilities to improve and automate operations. With the bottom line at stake 24×7, these initiatives require strong information security, along with exceptionally high levels of bandwidth and network performance — both of which can be hindered by the fluctuating data usage of businesses and homes in the surrounding area. Private LTE puts a manufacturing site’s network on a different frequency so robotic devices don’t have to compete for coverage. With priority and pre-emption, a Private LTE network also can provide a higher quality of service for particular devices.
  • Warehouse:In warehouses, video surveillance has become a crucial tool for deterring criminal activity, helping law enforcement find suspects, and monitoring employee activities. Because WiFi lacks the stability and performance they need for hundreds of video cameras, enterprises are using fixed-cost Private LTE to support traffic from hundreds of video cameras — and to keep footage data on-site, instead of incurring huge data charges with a pay-per-bit plan on a public carrier network. It’s a cost-effective and secure way for organizations to make large facilities wireless.
  • Large Ships & Remote Campuses:On a large ship and other remote campuses, Internet connectivity is more important — and difficult to provide — than ever before. For example, on a U.S. Naval vessel out at sea, WiFi isn’t robust enough or secure enough to meet network needs, yet provisioning wires throughout the ship simply isn’t a viable option. With Private LTE as the primary WAN and military satellite as the backhaul link, the ship has a secure on-board network that can keep everything and everyone connected, regardless of location.

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