For Public Safety, oil rigs and industrial sites, disaster management, critical communications requirements include:

  • On-site voice and data between personnel
  • On-site data for automated equipment (IoT)
  • Communications from the remote site back to the central location
  • Data and voice services to keep people on site in touch with the rest of the world

RKTPL’s 4G LTE “Network in a box” can be used to provide a standalone private network enabling internal communications within the remote site. This network can operate in the absence of a backhaul or in periods while the backhaul is unavailable.

With the addition of a satellite backhaul, the RKTPL’s 4G LTE “Network in a box” can connect the remote site to the rest of the world. With a roaming agreement in place, the RKTPL’s 4G LTE “Network in a box” allows users to connect their own devices rather than using dedicated SIMs.

RKTPL offers complete 4G LTE Network for mission critical applications, which include EPC and RAN.
RKTPL do system integration correctly with existing networks for backhauling private LTE networks. This combination, when done correctly (including use of carrier-grade, flexible and cost-optimized small cell software solutions, integrated eNB products and embedded EPC), can open new market verticals and disrupt the value chain. With the right partnerships (of satellite, mobile and operator stakeholders), integration of best of breed products, is the perfect match to HTS VSAT networks for providing cost effective remote access and enabling new market verticals.

A ruggedized enclosure houses all the necessary components of a Private LTE network. The RKTPL’s 4G LTE “Network in a box” is capable of supporting voice, high speed data and video streaming services. Small Form factor & light weight features make the RKTPL’s 4G LTE “Network in a box” an excellent field communications tool.

  • First Responder Communications
  • Emergency Cellular Networks
  • Rapid Deployment in Remote Areas or for Disaster Relief
  • Tactical Military Communications
  • Temporary Cellular Networks for Industry
  • Private Push-to-talk Mobile Networks

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