RKTPL is a global supplier of multi-technology 2G, 3G, 4G LTE mobile network infrastructure with a current focus on the implementation of 5G. Since 2010, RKTPL has been designing, developing and delivering innovative wireless infrastructure solutions to mobile operators in addition to the government and public safety sectors. With a variety of platforms available, customized solutions are possible for customers for a variety of potential installations including fixed, mobile and man-packable as well as stand-alone, integrated and/or mesh-network operations.


RKTPL’s technology foundation is our  integrated core network platform, all-IP core network that incorporates the key components of scalability and industry compliance. The effectiveness of the architecture and design has allowed the product to evolve across multiple generations of wireless from 2G to 5G.


Wireless operators are demanding greater packet data throughput to service data hungry subscribers on their mobile devices and applications. RKTPL’s product line of base stations addresses these requirements by providing scalable bandwidth options, enhanced modulation techniques, and MIMO, allowing for more energy per bit and more bits per hertz. These enhanced techniques translate into better quality of services, higher bit rates for packet data-intensive applications, and an evolution path for existing 2G and 3G networks as well as Greenfield 4G LTE and 5G network deployments.


RKTPL is the world leader providing Network in a Box architecture that pioneered the delivery of all-in-one wireless systems ideally suited for remote operations, military deployments, and private networks.  The Network in a Box product line which includes numerous packaging options provides the flexibility for targeted markets and applications to deliver big network capabilities in a size optimized package.


The Intelligent Network Management Software  is a managed access system that forms a radio frequency umbrella around a precisely defined target area and, through a main cell tower, attracts cellular devices within the outlined range. The Cellular Interdiction Solution (CIS) provides the system operator with the capability to selectively permit or deny communications from these cellular devices based on a rich policy engine, including identifying which wireless devices are approved in addition to allowing emergency calls from even unauthorized devices.

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