Our range of outdoor electronic perimeter detection systems are used to prevent unauthorized outdoor site access and mitigate risk of vandalism, theft or harm to critical infrastructure, property and individuals. We deploy combination of fence, buried cable or digital microwave sensors on a single communications platform – to protect each portion…

Perimeter protection is an important asset for industrial, commercial, public or private residential sites. The security market offers today a complete range of reliable and intelligent perimeter protection systems, both for indoor and outdoor security needs, enhancing the best technologies in Microwave, Infrared and Doppler sensors in order to ensure total protection of sensible sites. Thanks to the sensibility levels these systems have achieved, along with newest intelligent warning signal analysis systems they work with, perimeter protection systems assure total security of buildings in all kind of sites, from high security areas like military and nuclear plants to industrial, commercial and residential needs. Whatever your needs are, find with RKTPL the smartest, economical, easy installing and managing solution your security protection deserves.

Outdoor Perimeter Protection:

Outdoor Perimeter Protection systems can be installed on a pre-existing structure, such as on fences and perimeter walls, or as well outdoor security can be reached creating invisible open areas using microwave barriers that generate electromagnetic fields, or also with infrared beams that detect any kind of perturbing event, triggering alarms signals if crossed.

Indoor Perimeter Protection:

Entrances, windows, doorways and balconies can be protected with internal transceiver sensors for Indoor perimeter protection security, detecting perimeter intrusions using microwaves in small applications, as well as doppler technology sensors that creates curtain patterns focused on a restricted area. Ideal for Perimeter Protection of family houses, warehouses, storage facilities and others indoor sites.

Virtual Perimeter Intrusion Detection:100% invisible to the intruder and extremely difficult to defeat

RKTPL offers intelligent perimeter intrusion detection systems that prevent unlawful access to your facility, whilst simultaneously alerting security forces to the presence of an intruder, without his or her knowledge.

RKTPL’s virtual perimeter intrusion detection system, which uses radar technology to alert personnel to security risks. The sensor cable is buried around your perimeter fence or other sensitive areas, completely hidden from view, and once in place emits a volumetric detection field, which when disturbed triggers an alarm. The cable can be used to enhance your existing perimeter fence or as a stand-along solution, offering several benefits:

  • Completely hidden from view and, therefore, extremely difficult to defeat
  • Cable sensors direct surveillance systems to exact point of intrusion
  • Rugged design enables it to be buried in tough earth
  • Longer sensor cable for greater cost efficiency
  • Unaffected by weather conditions
  • Tamper Proof

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