RKTPL offers a wide range of optical fibres for a variety of applications in telecommunication networks.RKTPL range of optical fibres delivers superior performance and are ready for long haul to Fibre To The Home network.

RKTPL  fibre is produced on state of the art machines from United Kingdom and glass perform which is raw material, is sourced from Shin-Etsu, Japan. A very high quality fibre adhering to international standards is made cost effectively in India.

They are the most common single mode fibre in the world. It is tuned to minimize the dispersion around the wavelength at 1310nm. 1550nm wavelength can be used for shorter distance or with dispersion compensating fibre.


This single mode fibre has low water peak, characterized by the attenuation at 1383nm being less than the attenuation at 1310nm.
Due to Its low water peak characteristics and excellent stability performance against hydrogen, it is suitable for entire wavelength range from 1260nm to 1625 nm.
This fibre is fully compliant with ITU-T 652D.

This is wide band transport fibre which has positive or negative dispersion intensity. The reason for that is to reduce the non-linear phenomenon which interferes with the adjacent wavelength in DWDM system.

This is wide band transport fibre which has positive or negative dispersion intensity. The reason for that is to reduce the non-linear phenomenon which interferes with the adjacent wavelength in DWDM system.

It is a single mode fibre with low bend sensitivity across the overall bandwidth (1260-1625). It offers optimized bend performance for Fibre to the Home (FTTH), enterprise networks, or any application where small bend diameters may be encountered. It is fully compliant to the new ITU-T G657

Transmission speeds/distances limits are 100 Mbit/s up to 2 km, 1 Gbit/s for distances up to 500-600meters, and 10Gbit/s for distances up to 300 meters.

These are widely deployed in premises application & easily support applications ranging from Ethernet (10 Mbit/s) to Gigabit Ethernet (1 Gbit/s) and, because of their relatively large core size, are ideal for use with LED transmitters. They support more than one propagation mode, hence it is limited by modal dispersion.


RKTPL offers the market an integrated set of components, systems, engineering and installations for turn-key projects in the field of Premises, leading the transition from copper to optical fibre.

RKTPL recognizes the customer need for reliable communication solutions from a single source. Our services comprise, design, construction and maintenance of Optical fibre cable links in advanced communication networks. Our teams of designers and engineers have rich experience and expertise in all aspects of field services, and are complemented by a team of RKTPL partners providing logistic support and competitive advantage.

We can take up network installation as prime contractors or as a turnkey supplier, provide assistance in designing and building Local Area Networks, Private & Public Networks. In fibre cable installations, RKTPL provides services in designing power budgets, fusion splicing of optical fibres, fibre optic terminations, post installation testing, cable installation and cable installation supervision.

As an integrated solution provider, we provide the hardware, software and allied solution for the district headquarters/state capital virtually to the villager's fingertip leading to the development of rural villages to hi-tech ones.

We have done pioneer work in India in setting up fiber based broad band networks providing triple play services viz. Voice, Video & Data in rural, semi urban and urban areas. We have executed a broadband project in Rajasthan in India which is under expansion and is currently executing a large project in one of the states in India viz. Andhra Pradesh providing broadband services at minimum cost. This network is likely to be a model network for a number of states not only in India but to a large number of developing countries to provide telecommunication and broadcast services at affordable costs to rural and semi urban societies.

Some of our executed and running projects include: -

  • AP Broadband Project
  • Project E-Mitra
  • Road Emergency Network
  • Bhutan Power Corporation Limited (BPC)

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