RKTPL's time and frequency reference solutions synchronize critical operations where failure is not an option. Combining precision master clock technology with exceptional configurability, RKTPL time & frequency reference solutions deliver the industry’s highest standards for extreme reliability, security, redundancy, and flexibility in a rugged, modular, cost effective form factor.

RKTPL's NTP/PTP Time Servers  deliver highly precise time to LAN/WAN/All-IP networks using NTP PTPv2 IEEE1588 protocols. It is equipped with 2 independent Ethernet 10/100Mbps. The GNSS is a standard UTC reference time. RKTPL's NTP/PTP Time Server is equipped with independent GNSS receiver inputs.Built-in OCXO/Rubidium oscillator guarantees time for limited medium period of missing GNSS signals.

RKTPL's NTP/PTP Time Server is STRATUM-1, PTP/IEEE1588 GRANDMASTER supporting highly accurate time stamps. It offers accuracy of µs on LAN/WAN/All-IP networks. RKTPL's NTP/PTP Time Server  synchronizes UTC time and can simultaneously serve up to 100,000 NTP clients.


Standard configurations include the following options:

Base Model - Backup Oscillator Description
OCXO Crystal oscillator. Provides holdover performance with a max drift of 25 microseconds per day.
Rubidium Provides holdover performance with a max drift of 1 microsecond per day. Rubidium oscillator is warrantied for two years.
Base Model - Dual Power Description
Dual Power AC power with DC (24-48 VDC) as a backup or primary.
Option Cards Description
IRIG 4x Port IRIG Outputs
Gigabit Ethernet 3x 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet NTP Ports
NTP/PTP 1Gb Precision Time Protocol (PTP) option module card supports PTP Version 2
10MHz 10 MHz option card provides three (3) sine wave BNC outputs.
1PPS Includes one (1) 1 PPS input, one (1) 1 PPS output, and one (1) user selectable 1 to 10 MHz sine wave frequency input.
Power Options Description
Dual AC Provides a second AC power input to the system
Support Plan Options Description
Standard 5-year warranty with semi-annual software releases for enhancements, bug fixes and updates for security threats.
PSP Premium Support Package that features 24/7 emergency technical support, express next-day loaner service, priority repair services, notification of new releases.


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