Aimed at the flight environment of plant protection UAVs, RKTPL offers a millimeter wave radar solution for terrain awareness in unmanned aerial vehicle (“1 +2” solution). It adopts one altimeter radar sensor and two radar sensors for obstacle avoidance, with the advantages of high integration, anti-interference, good stability, long distance measurement, accurate height measurement, small size, light weight, easy to install and all day and all weather work.

Performance characteristics for “1+2” solution

Electrical performance for “1+2” solutions
Operating voltage5~30V DC
Power consumption6W@12V DC
Update rate≤50Hz
Operating temperature-40~85℃
Storage temperature-60~125℃
Detection performance
Forward/backward sideAltimeter
Detected range20m30m
Range accuracy0.1m0.02m
On the horizontal56°(-6dB)28°(-6dB)
Numbers of detected  targets simultaneously5Single target

System composition

System block diagram is as shown above. The data fusion module utilizes SPI interface to read forward and backward detection radar SP25T and the altimeter NRA24 and realizes the data fusion, and then through the UART, CAN interface to transmit the data to the UAV flight control system. Also users can directly connect SP25T and NRA24 radar for data collection and integration.

“1 + 2” solution adopts 1 NRA24 mmw radar sensor and 2 SP25T mmw radar sensors . Based on this solution, UAV customers can quickly build their own flight platform, and design different UAV-aware system suitable for their application scenarios.


Millimeter wave terrain awareness radar in UAVs adopts standard modular for the distributed installation, which is easy to assemble around the body of the UAV. The installation diagram is as shown below.

SP25T specifications

System charecteristics
Transmit frequency24.0024.20GHz
Output power(EIRP)Adjustable20dBm
Modulation typeFMCW
Update rate30Hz
Power consumption@5V DC 25℃1.201.321.45W
Distance and velocity measurement performance
Distance-measurement range@0 dBsm0.140m
Speed-measurement range-7070m/s
Distance-measurement accuracy±0.1m
Speed-measurement accuracy±1.2m/s
Detected  targets simultaneously
Numbers of detected  targets simultaneously5pcs
Range resolution0.75m
Speed resolution2.4m/s
Antenna performence
Beam widthazimuth(-6dB)56deg
Side levelazimuth-22dB
 Other characteristics
Supply voltage51232V
Supply current@12V/25℃100110120mA
Storage temperature-60125
Operating temperature-4085

NRA24 specifications

System charecteristics
Transmit frequency24.0024.20GHz
Output power(EIRP)Adjustable1324dBm
Modulation typeFMCW
Update rate50Hz
Power consumption@5V DC 25℃
Distance measurement performance
Distance-measurement range@0 dBsm0.150m
Distance-measurement accuracy±0.02m
Detected  targets performance
Numbers of detected  targets simultaneously1pcs
Range resolution0.75m
Antenna performence
Beam width/TXazimuth(-6dB)28deg
Beam width/RXazimuth(-6dB)27deg
Other characteristics
Supply voltage456V DC
Supply current@5V/25℃300300330mA
Storage temperature-60125
Operating temperature-4085
Weight Including shell95g
Outline dimensions Including shell130x70x14.5 (LxWxH)mm

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