We are looking for Angel investors who  are looking for a higher return on their money than they would receive on the stock market, but this desire coincides with a high degree of risk.

We have a solid experienced team , field proven technology with innovative ideas & solutions to solve complex problems in the industries. We are well-prepared for the market and inviting investors to share our business plan & term sheet to confirm solid returns.

Key provisions in an angel term sheet

We are considering the following five key provisions of an angel term sheet:

1. Investment structure

Angel investment structures vary, but angels investor may invest in one of three types of securities:

  • Common shares
  • Convertible preferred shares
  • Convertible debt

2. Key economic terms

Essentially, the key economic terms consist of:

  • Quantifying the preferred return of the investment
  • Quantifying any accruing earnings on the investment

3. Board structure and reporting

We may agree to provide angels with reporting rights proportionate to the nature of their investment, provided that satisfying the obligations do not materially detract from the pursuit of the startup’s objectives. A

4. Corporate governance and shareholder agreements

We may sign a shareholder agreement among the founder group and the new investors. In reviewing or crafting any proposal, keep these fundamental points uppermost in your mind.

5. Due diligence

The term sheet will define the timeline and process from the date of signing the term sheet to the closing date, as well as the conditions for closing, including due diligence with  signed copy of a non-disclosure agreement.

Interested investors may write to us at: ir@rktelesystem.com