Technology that works together, end to end

RKTPL’s integrated wireless domain portfolio from our fully vertical hardware stack to our connected solutions work in sync to deliver maximum value. Monetize the entire customer journey, improve operations – and increase passenger loyalty – using just one provider

RKTPL enables business and private jet users to stay connected to what’s important. RKTPL provides a powerful performing in-flight internet service so that you can enjoy web browsing, email, business applications, video conference, and streaming. At RKTPL, we know that business and life don’t stop in the air. Neither should your high-speed internet.

Stay connected. Globally.

RKTPL has redefined in-flight internet on commercial airlines with high-capacity Ka-band satellite service, eclipsing the speed and quality of other in-cabin services. Now, this highly-differentiated, award winning service is available for business aviation to meet the drastically increasing demand for data, driven by new applications. In addition to everyday web browsing, email, and corporate VPN access, passengers
can conduct multi-site video conferences plus stream music, video, and TV. The service is available during all phases of flight including taxi, takeoff, and landing.

Equipment and Network

How it works

The service uses satellites to transmit data to and from the aircraft.Passengers connect their devices to the aircraft network similar to Wi-Fi connections on the ground making it a simple and continuous experience. Data is transmitted between the plane and the ground station through the satellite. As the plane moves through the air, the system automatically performs hand overs between coverage areas.

Connectivity that creates new revenues

In-flight broadband connectivity can increase revenues by allowing airlines to present more services and features to passengers. The  flexibility of the system allows for even more revenue-generating opportunities. Airlines can offer specials and promotions, more extensive online duty-free shopping and other services that enhance the passenger experience and create ancillary revenue.With our solution, airlines can minimize the risk of credit card fraud by enabling real-time card authentication at the point of purchase. Airlines can safely sell higher priced items, increasing the value of goods sold onboard and enabling collect-at-arrival for larger items.

For airlines :

  • Opens up new revenue streams by delivering flexible and customizable pricing options
  • Enables introduction of promotional offers tailored to class of service
  • Eliminates credit card fraud – thanks to a secure payment gateway
  • Improves cabin crew operations and enhances service offerings
  • Reduces aircraft downtime through in-flight reporting of system faults

Passenger experience

  • In-flight connectivity:Offer a great connected experience for every passenger. Our award-winning Wi-Fi brings your customers the same internet they get at home or in the office so they can stream, watch, and work at 35,000 feet. Our high-capacity network means there’s enough bandwidth to connect everyone on board to what matters most to them.
  • Wireless inflight entertainment:Give passengers access to a world of personalized entertainment on their own devices. Your customers can livestream events, TV, and news. Plus, they can watch their favorite movies and shows, listen to music, shop online, and browse.
  • Real-time data and collaboration software: Cockpit data connectivity, live electronic flight bag (EFB) updates, and flight operations software/apps give airline crews the data they need to maximize efficiency.
  • Online Supoort on air:Access operations, maintenance, and customer data all in one place. Get the insights you need to make real-time, data-driven decisions.

Meeting needs now and in the future

We offer airlines a complete end-to-end solution that covers everything from pre-installation engineering and planning through to training, testing, maintenance and support. We’re continually developing new enhancements, so your passengers get the connectivity they expect today and you’re prepared for meeting new requirements in the future. Going beyond expectations is hardly surprising from a company that pioneered airline and aircraft communications, and has been providing communications, engineering and system integration to the aviation industry.

When you choose RKTPL In-flight connectivity & flight entertainment system, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from working with a trusted provider. Every day, we deliver messages, enabling safer, efficient airline and aircraft operations. Let us help you connect your passengers to what matters most.

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