Nowadays, people always carry their phones with them. Having intelligence on a particular person’s phone equates to managing info on a person. The IMSI Catcher system enables an organization to gather phone identity (IMSI, IMEI or MSISDN), while delivering advance tools to utilize the gathered information and to manipulate the phones.

IMSI Catcher system brings the capability of collecting and storing the gathered info into a dedicated database, which then allows the system to manage a list of targets and alert upon detection of pre-defined suspected mobile phones.


IMSI Catcher system also delivers the first stage of smart situation management and intelligence investigation or tracing. It can be integrated to other system and sensors for producing maximal value of data provided by the IMSI Catcher system. For example: smart surveillance cameras, face recognition, biometric systems, scanners, LPR (license plate recognition) system, border checkpoints and any other system.

The built-in algorithms of auto configuration implemented in each module analyzes radio environment of existing base stations in the area where it is placed in service, extract critical parameters and set the parameters for each carrier to be optimal in terms of efficiency and capture time.

Key Feature

  • Support up to four bands/carriers in a single chassis
  • Extraction of IMSI and IMEI in 2G, 3G and 4G
  • Support capture Wi-Fi MAC in 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz
  • Target selection and automatic alert
  • Max 4000 targets capacity
  • Support redirecting between 2G and 4G/3G
  • Auto configuration by scanning radio environment of existing base stations in the area
  • Min receive sensitivity -105dBm@20Mbps, 64QAM
  • Aluminum-alloy casing with IP67 protection
  • Built-in 3G/4G wireless modem for wireless data backhaul
  • The capture process can be quickly completed within 100ms and the user is released back to the macro network to ensure that the user is not aware of it.
  • Accurate gathering successful rate as >98% on walking or >95% moving up to 160KM/hour
  • Support setting black list and white list
  • Support flexible three capture operation mode as full gathering, full release or cyclicity
  • RF composited power +40dBm per carrier
  • Embedded IP WEB GUI for all local and remote configuration


To help an organization to gather phone identity (IMSI, IMEI or MSISDN) in the below area.

  • Outdoor: Airports, sports arenas, main road and cross road.
  • Indoor: Hotels, exhibition halls, convention centers, shopping malls, etc.

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