GSM Network in a Box is a complete GSM/EDGE network solution in a single unit. The unit is passively cooled and designed for low power consumption. Highly transportable, it can be easily deployed for applications including rural telecom, remote or emergency communications, and during disaster relief and recovery efforts.

The unit is capable of providing up to 10 watts RF power output and has built-in core network features providing users with voice, data and text services. It can be deployed using commercial power or alternative sources such as solar or wind powered systems when commercial power is not readily available.An Ethernet port enables it to be connected to external networks for voice, data and text services. IP based communications can be established with communications platforms and integrated for easy ad-hoc or permanent integration. The GSM Network in a Box also includes special features for use in emergency communications and disaster relief scenarios.

Deployment Applications

Emergency Communications

The GSM Network in a Box is easy to operate utilizing a single switch operation and well suited for rapid deployment after a disaster event. Public safety teams can quickly establish communications within their own groups and focus on co-ordinating the relief and response efforts. Group and individual communications are possible, allowing teams to be kept up to date on the latest activities. A special feature enables auto registration of devices discovered within a coverage area.Once devices are discovered, they can be selectively enabled to support voice and text communications as desired.

Other Applications

  • Rural Broadband & Mobile Networks
  • Remote Communications
  • Private GSM Networks
  • Rapid Deployment GSM
  • Industrial IoT/M2M Networks


  • Simple Ethernet connection to IP network
  • Outdoor weatherproof enclosure
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy to operate

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity/Performance
    • Configurations:All-in-one Network
    • RF Output Power:10W
  • Frequency Bands
    • Supported Bands 850, 900, 1800, 1900MHz
  • Protocol Support
    • Signaling:SIP interface
    • Voice Traffic:RTP/IP
    • Packet Data:Gb/IP
    • OA&M Interface:SNMP v2c
  • Interfaces
    • Antenna Connectors N-type female
  • Hardware
    • Dimensions 450 mm H × 320 mm W x 180 mm D (17.7 x 12.6 x 7.0 in.)
    • Weight:16 kilograms
    • Input Voltage:24 VDC
    • Power Consumption:80 W typical operating
    • Options Mounting brackets for wall, floor or pole
  • Environmental
    • Temperature Operating: -20 to +55°C
    • Humidity:5−95% non-condensing

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