The Internet has emerged as a basic necessity in modern life around the world. The exponential demand for data and high-speed broadband connectivity is encouraging telcos from around the world to upgrade their access networks using optical fiber (FTTx). High-speed fixed wireless access (FWA) based on 4G/LTE and pre-5G technologies have also emerged as suitable alternatives in areas where fiber laying is difficult due to right-of-way issues or terrain limitations.

RKTPL has extensive experience in building national and rural broadband networks around the world especially in the SAARC region. RKTPL  is one of the largest suppliers of optical GPON equipment for Optical Fiber Networks that extends high-speed broadband (up to 100Mbps).

RKTPL’s Fixed network services enables Service Providers to build and operate FTTx networks. With strong engineering capabilities to design both underground and overhead fibre deployment,RKTPL also brings about strong capabilities in CAD/GIS to ensure accurate records of the network as it is built.

RKTPL also provides Managed Services to cater to the needs of Enterprise customers of Service Providers. Right from Sales Order capture to Service Delivery and MACD, as well as, Service Assurance to Enterprise customers.

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