RKTPL wireless solutions enable applications in exploration, drilling, multipoint transport, WiFi, Multipoint SCADA, Video Surveillance, field area networks, and pipelines throughout the digital oil field. RKTPL integrates video, voice, email, and data traffic alongside SCADA data from RTU’s, sensors, and control points – on a single all-IP network featuring centralized end-to-end administration.

RKTPL’ Single Pane of Glass Network Management

  • Bird’s eye view of Field Area Network
  • Rapid on-boarding and provisioning of new nodes
  • End-to-end performance and fault management
  • Centralized password management and firmware updates
  • Transport for SCADA and Process Control data
  • Digital Meter Aggregation backhaul
  • Offshore and over-water communications
  • Video surveillance and voice services
  • Remote facility connectivity
  • Migration from serial to IP networks
  • IT/OT Convergence
Empowering you for the Industry 4.0 era

Take even your most remote operation to the next level of intelligence, automation, sustainability and more with proven mission-critical solutions.

  • Mining:Digitally automate mining operations to go faster, farther and be safer with our end-to-end communications infrastructure.
  • Oil and gas:Deliver real-time connections that lead to safer, more efficient extraction from ever-more-distant fields.
  • Power utilities:Evolve your grid with intelligent, intuitive and responsive solutions that power your next business model.
Create safer, more efficient and productive mines

RKTPL provides high-performance networks that enable mining companies to use digital technologies to adapt to fluctuating demand, control operational costs and address growing safety and environmental concerns. They provide a starting point for bringing new levels of agility and automation to mining facilities.

Our solutions are optimized for the mine of the future. They enable you to enhance and streamline your operations by taking advantage of automation, robotics, digitally enhanced equipment, sensor data, predictive analytics and machine learning. By deploying our solutions, you can:

  • Remove workers from the most dangerous parts of the mine
  • Monitor worker health and direct them away from exclusion zones
  • Optimize resource use and prevent bottlenecks at every step of the mining process
  • Gain 360-degree situational awareness in remote operating environments
  • Enable predictive maintenance of machines and other important equipment
  • Make better decisions from the command center to the mine face
Increase productivity with a versatile, service-aware network

Transition to digital oil and gas operations with secure, reliable, high-bandwidth communications solutions 

Our converged networks address the unique needs of oil and gas operators. They combine wireless broadband and IP-based technologies to provide the connectivity and bandwidth you need for big data applications such as automation, remote monitoring and real-time asset management. These applications enable you to support safe and efficient extraction of hydrocarbons from remote or distant fields.

Streamline your operations with broadband communications networks

Legacy oil and gas networks were not designed to support the high volumes of real-time data generated by M2M and IoT systems with a high quality of service. Much of the equipment in these networks is approaching or past end-of-life. It’s time to bring digital technologies to oil and gas fields.

We help you start your digital transformation with private communications infrastructures built on LTE wireless broadband and IP/MPLS technologies. Together, these technologies provide the flexibility, scalability, predictability and resiliency you need to support secure communications for new and existing mission-critical applications.

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