RKTPL is authorized distributor of semiconductors, interconnect, passive and electromechanical (IP&E) and discrete components from world’s leading electronic component suppliers.RKTPL’s extensive product line and supply chain solutions have made the company the distributor of choice for industrial, military, aerospace and consumer electronic manufacturers worldwide.

Are you preparing electronic project for which you need Capacitors, fuses, connectors, Cables, Resistances, Resistors, Diodes, Crystal Oscillators, Switches and Sockets, Transformers, Transistors, Piezoelectric Buzzers, Microphone and Speakers, Relay, Integrated Circuit (IC'S), Integrated Circuit Base or Sockets, LED and LDR, A/D and D/A Converter, Microcontrollers and many more. We have all of them and many more eye-catching products for our valuable users. Learners are catered with quality products for which you need to pay very little amount.

If you are working on a particular project for which you need components or complete kit for it. Just quickly write to us and purchase all necessary components as per your circuit requirement. 

Electromechanical components carry out electrical operations through moving parts or through electrical connections. All these components are fitted in an integrated circuit as per requirement and construction.

Resistors Power Magnetics
Surface Mount Resistors Miniature Chip Inductors
Wire Wound Power Resistors Flyback Transformers
Wire wound high current resistors Current Transformers
Wire wound metal oxide resistors Wideband RF Transformers
Carbon & Ceramic Composition Resistors Mil-1553 Bus Transformers
Thick film Power Resistors ISDN Transformers
Heat Sinkable Thick film Power Resistors Coils
Thick film/High voltage ,Precision Resistors Chokes
Variable Voltage Controls-Rheostat Custom Hybrid Transformers
Capacitors Super Capacitors
Ceramic Chip Capacitors Hybrid Capacitors
Ceramic Leaded Shock Hard Hybrid Capacitors
High Voltage Ceramic Stud Mount Hybrid Capacitors
Microwave Ceramic Capacitors Packaged Hybrid Capacitors
Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitors Hybrid Capacitor Banks
Metallized Polycarbonate Capacitors Capattery
Plastic Film Capacitors Electro-Mechanical
Polystyrene Capacitors High Precision Potentiometers
Polypropylene Capacitors Slip Rings
Trimmer Capacitors Magnetic Heads
Mica Capacitors EMI/RFI Filters
Electrolytic Capacitors Custom Slip Rings
Solid Tantalum Capacitors Custom Potentiometers
Wet Tantalum Capacitors Custom Capacitor Banks

Our principals can also undertake custom development to meet:

  • Specific characteristics
  • Special package
  • Additional testing specific to the application
  • Supply of components in accordance with MIL-Standards/specifications

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