dRAX™ Open Interface RAN Intelligence virtual RAN solution delivers a true multi-vendor, disaggregated and virtualised RAN Intelligent Control Plane as per ORAN. This Cloud Native solution, managed and orchestrated through Kubernetes (containers) or OpenStack (VMs) supports key 5G paradigms as Control User Plane Separation (CUPS), User Plane location independence, 4G and 5G compatibility and Open Integration with 3rd party DUs/RUs which enables true scalability and interoperability with carrier and mission critical grade software quality (MISRA).

dRAX Technical Specification

  • Flexible LTE FDD, LTE TDD and 5G-NR vRAN
  • MIMO, BS Class, Tx Power and number of transceivers as per managed RU capabilities
  • All LTE FDD/TDD and 5G-NR bands a per RU capabilities

Network Interfaces

Layer 1 & 2

  • Split 2
  • Pre-ORAN Proprietary V1-C (GTP-U)
  • Pre-ORAN Proprietary V1-C/V1-U
  • ORAN/3GPP F1-C/F1-U
  • Split 6: Small Cell Forum nFAPI
  • Split 7: Dependent on RRU capabilities

Layer 3 and OAM

  • Control Plane: S1-MME (LTE or NSA 5G-NR)
  • User Plane: S1-U (LTE or NSA 5G-NR)
  • ORAN A1, 3GPP E1 (CUPS) and internal 3GPPE2
  • Type 1 OAM (TR-069/TR-196), Type 2 OAM(SNMP), OAM Webserver or CLI, SAS (CBRS)
  • Alternative OAM interface possible(XML, Netconf, Proprietary)

Key Features

  • 3GPP compliant
  • Cloud Native Service Components
  • ORAN Architecture Compliant
  • Service Orchestration
  • CUPS
  • User Plane distribution
  • 4G and 5G ready
  • Highly Scalable
  • Mission Critical Reliability


  • VM: Openstack (RedHat and ADVA)
  • Containers: RedHat OpenShift, Kubernetes


  • Total Cost of Ownership: dRAX allows you to dynamically allocate computing resources at the right places in your network. You scale on commodity hardware and you leverage optimized silicon solutions.Even whitebox hardware becomes reality in the RAN. And from your centralized intelligent controller you will drive these commodity DU and RRU’s and optimize spectral efficiency in hyper-dense networks. Finally, you will unleash innovation at all levels of the disaggregated RAN components.
  • Disruptive Business Models:See the RAN as a logical capacity pool. Capacity becomes OPEX and you use it as a service.
  • User Experience:For each application type, you will be able to adapt, migrate and relocate network components at the optimal place for enhanced user experience. Even more importantly,the unlocked data in this open architecture will easily be leveraged by both real-time as non real-time A.I. and Machine Learning algorithms, bringing user experience and network efficiency to a next level.

For Further Information

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