Our digital transformation consulting helps shift towards new digital media and interactive era, as well as cope up with current business challenges. RKTPL team shapes your business processes through digital technologies – the ones that have evolved over time to include the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud and Big Data. We empower leaders of the industry as well as startups to get a competitive edge in the new digital economy by establishing an integrated ecosystem of people, processes and environment.

Fragmented technology landscape and changing consumer preferences has compelled businesses to rethink on operating models that are based on obsolete platforms. Our digital transformation services are aimed to identify gaps in your business strategy and suggest best technologies to drive digital disruption.

Our Proposition
  • Increased Productivity
  • Extended Global Reach
  • Business Growth
  • Deep Industry Expertise
  • Integrated Capability Tool
Our Capabilities

Digital transformation to push enterprises to be more agile and transparent.

IT Transformation

RKTPL triggers digital transformation for smoother & efficient agile software development. With IT transformation services, we assist clients to implement advanced algorithms that solve problems and remove loopholes through proprietary intellectual property, iterative approaches, processes and capabilities.


  • Formulation of IT Strategy & Assessment
  • Technology Modernization
  • Implementation of Intelligent IT Operations
Workforce Transformation

Companies are focusing on transforming IT operations and business processes with digital disruptors – the workforce that could drive digital business agility.RKTPL helps you to embark on workforce transformation, which is the key to unlock better financial performance of organization. You can expect new level of productivity, security and freedom with our digital business transformation services.

  • Digital Workforce & Workplace Solutions
  • Align Workforce with Business Strategy
  • Workforce Management & Support Solutions
Security Transformation

Security is an inseparable part of business and technology transformation. Hidden Brains, one of the leading digital transformation companies, builds the right security strategy for your business that can accelerate new IT trends and stay ahead of rapidly changing techniques. We assist in setting up proactive and mature security environment with integrated framework and security management solution.

AtRKTPL, we help you foresee potential risks and keep you protected from external threats to ensure business continuity. We analyze the gaps in the existing system and bridge them with our highly advanced IT security solutions across industry verticals.

  • Network Management and Firewalls
  • Data Protection & Security
  • Risk Assessment
  • Secure Automation Solutions

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