RKTPL provides customers with portable radios, mobile radios, and repeaters with DMR, PDT, and TETRA standards, IP repeater stations interconnection, simulcast, and trunking systems, and overall communication solutions. Leading digital platform, innovative ergonomic design, complete product lines make  the best choice for you in improving management efficiency and implementing smooth mission-critical communication.

Customer Challenges
  • Too many communication standards over dedicated networks make interconnection difficult.
  • The cost for digitalization is high.
  • Industrial dedicated network solutions has becoming more and more complicated.
  • A unified and converged command and

As one of the rare communication equipment providers, RKTPL supplies products in compliance with TETRA, PDT, DMR, dedicated LTE, and satellite communication standards. It provides complete E2E products from terminals to systems to applications.


As a leader in making digital radio and system technology standards,RKTPL has rich experience in DMR/PDT/TETRA product development and project management. This experience gives RKTPL a leading edge in understanding customer requirements and providing in-depth user-specific solutions.


With years of digging in dedicated network communications, RKTPL has been launching products and solutions for industries such as public safety, public utilities, big transport, emergency and rescue, and commerce. In addition, it also offers customers in-depth customizable solutions based on industry segmentation.


RKTPL is an advocate of broadband and narrowband convergence private network and a forerunner in developing related technologies and products. RKTPL provides diverse solutions for smooth upgrade to convergence network, thereby ensuring mission-critical voice services while fulfilling customer aspiration for fast and enhanced multimedia services. The gradual network upgrade based on customer requirements at different stages can fully utilize existing facilities of customers.

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