RKTPL offers end-to-end 4G LTE solutions for connecting remote islands.These islands may have little population, no/unreliable electrical grids, huge infrastructure bottlenecks and low levels of income. Our 2G/4G LTE Mobile Network solutions help to deliver affordable mobile and broadband high-speed voice & data connectivity to connect such remote locations via satellite and connect them with the rest of the world.

End-to-end 4G LTE Mobile Network Infrastructure 

Thousands of small, remote islands are in urgent need of affordable telecommunication services.We can connect all small islands seamlessly and assist operators to make a viable and profitable business case on islands by offering voice, data and video streaming services by creating local breakouts. We have capability to deploy end-to-end 2G GSM , CDMA and 4G LTE Mobile Network Infrastructure and we have capability to network anywhere anytime.

End-to-end GSM and 4G LTE Mobile Network Infrastructure for Islands

Key Highlights

  • Low power consumption
  • Low OPEX & CAPEX
  • Compact and Fully Outdoor GSM and 4G LTE Network in a Box
  • Seamless handover and coverage as per RF planning and Antenna configurations.
  • Solar-power option: Optimized for remote islands
  • No air-conditioning required
  • No skilled technician required
  • Efficient network architecture
  • Local switching

Our GSM & 4G LTE Mobile Network solutions enables local calls between islands to route within the local system instead of sending them back to a switch on the mainland.Our network solution requires no connectivity to satellite or under-sea cable, bringing infrastructure costs down significantly.

RKTPL easily integrates with satellite, VoIP, and fixed line service providers. Through its all-IP approach, it offers backhaul connectivity to the service provider’s network in the mainland, enabling residents to set up an affordable, private network solution for their island.

5 Reasons To Partner With Us

We understand you have a choice when selecting a technology/product/oem partner, so here are five reasons we think you’ll be completely satisfied when you partner with RKTPL.

1. Depth of Experience

Many of our employees came from telecom background so we experience and depth of product knowledge required to build you the best solution possible. Our technical resources average 5 years of Sterling experience.

2. Shorter time to go-live

We offer end-to-end solutions and deliver proposals, plan and execution faster.Your implementation will be accelerated by our project management team and standard base project plans, so you can achieve a faster return on investment.

3. Flexibility and Scalability

You don’t want bloated or inexperienced teams. We deploy optimal teams, with far more aggregate experience than our competitors. We can scale up rapidly if needed to meet your more aggressive deliverables , but will also proactively flex our team down as your internal team ramps up. Our hourly rate per resource may be the lowest, and our total cost of ownership will be very low compare to others.

4. Training and Empowerment

Knowledge transfer starts on day one. That way your staff will have the skills and confidence to successfully maintain and enhance the functionality of your system when needed.

5. Your success is our success

We’ll do what ever it takes to ensure our customers are successful. Ask us for references.

We look forward to working with you.

For Further Information

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