Lithium-ion Battery

Lithium-ion (Li Ion) batteries deliver high power density, deep cycling capability and a service life much longer than that of Lead Acid batteries. Li Ion batteries also accept high charge currents and recharge very quickly. Li Ion batteries are maintenance free and ultimately deliver the lowest total cost of ownership. They can be used for outdoor applications because they discharge reliably at temperatures up to +60°C and can be recharged at temperatures up to +50°C. These properties make Li Ion batteries ideal for Telecom applications.

Lithium-ion Battery – Telecom Rack Mount

  • Battery Management System (BMS)
  • State of charge and health management
  • System communications and data storage
  • Discharging to +60°C and charging to +50°C
  • Rack mount – 19 inch
  • Optional LCD

Lithium-ion Battery – Telecom Rack Mount

Sealed VRLA and AGM Batteries

RKTPL offers a wide variety of sealed VRLA and AGM batteries for all types of applications.Valve regulated lead acid and AGM batteries are rechargeable and designed for safe, trouble free operation in any position. Typically they can be shipped by sea, road or air without special handling or packaging precautions due to their sealed construction.VRLA and AGM batteries are maintenance free, there is no need to check the specific gravity of the electrolyte, refill electrolyte, or add water during normal operation. Heavy duty calcium-tin alloy grids extend service life and minimize capacity loss during long periods of storage time at room temperature.
  • FM Series – Small
  • FM Series – Regular
  • FMH Series – Front Terminal
  • FML Series – High Cycle
  • GFM Series – 2V
  • Solar Series – Deep Cycle
  • Gel Battery Series – AGM

NiCd Batteries

RKTPL offers a wide range of Pocket and Gas Recombination type NiCd batteries.NiCd batteries have a service life much longer than that of Lead Acid batteries, which suffer from lead plate shedding and internal corrosion. NiCd Pocket type batteries do not shed or corrode internally because they have plates and frames made of steel, which does not react with the electrolyte.NiCd Pocket type batteries can exceed 20 years service life with proper electrolyte maintenance. Gas Recombination type NiCd batteries greatly reduce the need for electrolyte maintenance due to their ultra-low water consumption.Gas Recombination type NiCd batteries can exceed 25 years service life and 2,000 cycles with at most a single replacement of electrolyte.NiCd batteries are widely used for outdoor applications because they operate reliably at temperatures up to +60°C.

NiCd Batteries – Pocket Type

Reliable operation at high temperatures

  • Designed for -40°C to +60°C operation

Service life can exceed 20 years with virtually no internal corrosion

  • Pocket plates and internal frames made of steel do not react with the electrolyte and remain intact

NiCd Batteries – Pocket Type