RKTPL LTE solution provides global mobile operators with a new revenue generating opportunity for private and public enterprises in search to replace their legacy, hardware-centric networks with cloud-native, easy to deploy and maintain 4G/LTE solution. RKTPL LTE network solution provides secure and reliable connectivity that covers every inch of operations, for humans and machines (IoT) and software-upgradable to 5G. Applicable for all industries, it provides the secure, reliable, flexible and cost-effective wireless connectivity that business- and mission-critical applications demand.

RKTPL LTE is a converged, service-aware, mission-critical end-to-end architecture to deliver autonomy, efficiency and staff safety. Components include:

  • A complete end-to-end LTE wireless broadband network — radio access (i.e. vessel, rig, platform, indoor, M2M),
  • Backhaul for transport, core, devices and management
  • The components leverage the most advanced radio access technologies, including small cells and macro cells for maximum coverage and capacity to reach remote systems, vessels and enable safety for personnel.

A common communications management system for the radio access network, backhaul and core along with lifecycle device management simplifies and reduces operating expenses while being interoperable with existing infrastructure.

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