RKTPL offers end-to-end 4G/5G (LTE/NR) RAN & CORE solution to operate as a standalone system or as an integrated component in a larger network deployment.It includes an 100% software & hardware (including the PHY layer) eNodeB and gNodeB in NSA, and SA mode, a tiny EPC and 5G Core, an eMBMS gateway, an IMS server. All the components runs on generic x86 hardware, natively ready for virtualized environments.

We are building products and solutions to address the deployment market based on our technology, including small cells, macro base stations, private LTE networks, DAS and fixed to wireless.

Our software & Hardware fits all your needs

  • Ready to connect other network elements:Standard interfaces available including S1, S6a, X2, Rx, Cx, SGs, NG and more.
  • High Performance : Highly optimized software supporting hundreds of UEs and multiple cells.High data rates supporting carrier aggregation with downlink and uplink rates of 1.2 Gbps and 150 Mbps.

3GPP Features

3GPP Standards: Release 15

Frequency Bands

Support of all FDD and TDD frequency bands


Open CPRI interface to connect eNodeB/gNodeB to any RRH

gNodeB Technical Specifications

  • 3GPP Release 15
  • Frequency bands FDD/TDD FR1 (< 6 GHz)
  • Bandwidth Up to 100 MHz
  • Mutli Cell: Multi sectors
  • MIMO: upto MIMO 4x4 inn DL
  • Subcarrier spacing:All SSB/data subcarrier spacing combinations
  • Modulation schemes Up to 256QAM in DL and 256QAM in UL
  • Supported modes NSA, SA
  • NR Split Bearer: 3, 3a and 3x
  • Network interfaces: NG interface (NGAP and GTP-U) to 5GC

eNodeB Technical Specifications

  • 3GPP release LTE release 14
  • Frequency bands All FDD and TDD bands with support of custom frequencies
  • Bandwidth 1.4, 3, 5, 10, 15 and 20 MHz in LTE
  • 200 KHz for NB-IoT supporting all operation modes (in-band, guard band and standalone)
  • Multi cell:Multi sectors ,Multi aggregated carriers
  • Supported number of UEs Up to 1000 UEs distributed within the configured cells
    • UE category 0/1/2/3/4/5/6/7/9/10/11/12
    • DL category up to 18
    • UL category up to 13
  • Carrier aggregation Up to 5 carriers in DL and 3 in UL allowing mixed FDD/TDD combinations in DL (5 carriers MIMO 2x2 or 3 carriers MIMO 4x4)
  • Transmission modes 1 (single antenna) and 2 to 10 (MIMO 4x4)
  • Modulation schemes Up to 256QAM in DL and 64QAM in UL
  • AS encryption and integrity protection AES, SNOW3G, ZUC
  • Handover Intra eNodeB, S1 and X2 handover support
  • IoT:
    • LTE category 0 and 1
    • LTE-M cat M1
    • NB-IoT cat NB1 and NB2
    • NB-IoT subcarrier spacing 15 kHz and 3.75 kHz
  • Network interfaces
    • S1AP and GTP-U to EPC
    • X2AP between eNodeBs
    • M1 and M2 for eMBMS

eNB/gNB – RF integration

  • API SPLIT 8 : Open C API, exchanging IQs in time domain
  • Medium:PCIe, CPRI, Ethernet(eCPRI), USB…
  • Radio font end: Available RRH : 250mW, 500mW, 5W, 20W

5G Core Technical Specifications

  • Network elements
    • Access and Mobility Management Function (AMF)
    • Authentication Server Function (AUSF)
    • Session Management Function (SMF)
    • User plane Function(UPF)
    • all integrated within the same software component
  • 3GPP Release 15
  • NAS encryption and integrity protection :AES, SNOW3G, ZUC
    IP version :IPv4, IPv4v6, IPv6 and unstructured PDUs support
    USIM authentication :XOR, Milenage, TUAK 5G-AKA
  • Network interfaces:
    • NG interface (NGAP and GTP-U protocols) to several gNodeBs
    • RX for external IMS server
    • QoS Configurable QoS flows
    • PDU Multi PDU sessions support

EPC Technical Specifications

  • Network elements:
    • Mobility Management Entity (MME), Serving Gateway (SGW), Packet Data
    • Network Gateway (PGW), and Home Subscriber Server (HSS) all integrated within the same software component
  • 3GPP release: Release 14
  • NAS encryption and integrity protection :AES, SNOW3G, ZUC
    USIM authentication:XOR, Milenage, TUAK
    IP version:IPv4 and IPv6
  • QoS :Support of all LTE QCIs as well TFT and dedicated bearers
  • Network interfaces
    • S1AP and GTP-U to eNodeB
    • RX for external IMS server
    • S6a for optional external HSS
    • Handover S1 based support
  • RAT: LTE, NB-IoT
  • CIoT features: control plane CIoT optimization, Non IP data delivery, Attach without PDN connectivity
  • Power saving features: PSM and extended DRX

IMS Server Technical Specifications

  • Network Elements:
    • Proxy-CSCF (P-CSCF), Interrogating-CSCF (I-CSCF), Serving-CSCF (S-CSCF), and
    • Home Subscriber Server (HSS) all integrated within the same software component
  • ISIM authentication: XOR, Milenage, TUAK
  • Security features: MD5, AKAv1 and AKAv2 for authentication and IPSec at transport level
  • Network interfaces:
    • Rx interface for support of precondition and dedicated bearer
    • Cx interface for external authentication
  • IP versions : IPv4 and IPv6
  • Services Voice call, Video call, Voice echo test, Call hold, SMS over SIP and SMS over SG

eMBMS Gateway Technical Specifications

  • Network Elements LTE eMBMS Gateway (eMBMS-GW) and Multi-cell Coordination Entity (MCU)
  • Network interfaces
    • M1 interface to eNodeB for user plane
    • M2AP interface to eNodeB for control plane

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