We offer high performance 2G & 3G Base stations solutions for a wide variety of applications. Covering common 2G & 3G bands the base stations feature Software Defined Radio (SDR) which enables great flexibility of operation and future upgrade path.

2G & 3G networks using SDR base stations enjoy great flexibility, high performance as well as very low cost of operation and ownership. Use of VOIP for transport across the network enables the 2G & 3G Base station to connect remote terminals without need for a complex core network. This is ideal for low cost network deployments in environments where there is no existing 2G or 3G network core.

System Features 

  • High Performance Software-Defined 2G & 3G Base Station
  • Ideal for Multi-Sector Macro Site
  • Spectrally Efficient, Software-Defined Radio
  • “Stand Alone” mode capable
  • Supports both 2G and 3G modes
  • Transmit Power up to 50W per Tx
  • Supports 2G, GPRS & EDGE, optional 3G
  • Gigabit Ethernet/IP Interface to network
  • Can operate alongside 4G & 5G network equipment


  • Telecom Service Providers & ISPs
  • Cellular Network operators
  • Point-to-Multipoint Point Wireless networking
  • CCTV connection for multiple cameras
  • Oil & Gas Utilities
  • Fast Roll-out & Temporary Deployment

Enhanced Performance, Flexibility & Features

Our platform is an integrated advanced system capable of handling multiple 2G or 3G signal carriers. Provided in a sealed carrier grade unit for installation in most locations. The RF platform is at the forefront in terms of digital pre-distortion technology and signal processing associated to advanced PA architecture. This make the platform ideal for implementation within the cellular and advanced point to point communications market.

The 2G & 3G units are suitable as a multicarrier power Base station solution or aggregated within the deployment. To achieve maximum flexibility in terms of utilisation, units can support:

  • 2G or 3G Modes
  • Optional GPRS & EDGE support
  • Various transmit power level options up to 50W

The RF platform allows management through the Ethernet based connection. This allows for the transceiver to be managed or upgraded either via local connection or via secure remote protocols.

RF platform allows for the Rx inputs to operate in high or low sensitivity modes for maximum receiver performance.

Available in versions to cover common 2G & 3G Bands

The range is available in versions to cover all commonly used 2G & 3G bands. Here below is a list of the various bands used worldwide for 2G networks:

Custom Bands and Frequencies

2G & 3G Base stations can be supplied for custom bands and frequencies if/as required.

System Variant CF-RK-X-X
System Parameters
Max. No Carriers per TX/RX 2TRX up to 8TRX
Power Supply DC +12V nominal
Overall Efficiency >20%
Power Consumption <200 W
I/Q connectivity 1 Gigabit Ethernet port
RF Port 1x N Connector, 50 ohms to connect to antenna
2G & 3G RRH Transmitter
1 port
Tx Max Pout 47dBm (50W) Avg. (Please ask for lower power versions)
Tx Frequency range See table above (band set in hardware factory setting)
2G & 3G RRH Receiver
1 port
Rx frequency range See table above (band set in hardware factory setting)
Rx input level -28dBm Max
RX sensitivity (1TRX) <-102.dBm
Electrical safety UL 60950 – Ed.3 2000, EN 60950 Ed.2001, CSA C22.2 No 60950
Environmental Conditions ETSI EN 300 019-1, ETSI EN 300 019-1, ETSI EN 300 019-3, IP65
Operational Temperature -40°C to +55°C
Humidity 0 to 95%, non-condensing
2G/3G BS Physical Dimensions
50W Version
Dimensions 380mm x 285mm x 175mm

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