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Delivering Peace of Mind

It is very important in today’s world for a company to create marked differentiation in your business from your competition. One of the ways to do this is to have an telecom service partner to help you with day-to-day management of your telecom  Infrastructure.

We have the expertise and support that is required to provide your company top line solutions. When you partner with us, you are accessing our comprehensive geographic coverage, your risks are reduced, you are able to focus more on your core business, you have access to our flexible coverage plans, you have access to an enhanced skill base, you access the latest technology, you are able to adapt to changing business conditions and your costs optimized and are predictable.

Our Service Desk – Which makes us Great
Telecom Service desk is here to connect your employees with Technology to add value to your business.

The Service Desk and Incident Management process aims to restore Telecom Services to defined Service Levels as quickly as possible.

  • Single place to report all the issues
  • Ticketing registration
  • Provides systematic approach
  • Transparency
  • Historical logs
  • MIS reports
  • Proactive & Preventive
  • Performance Surveys
  • Assured Service Levels  (SLAs)
  • Remote Support
  • Onsite Support
  • 98% Annual Client Retention
  • Rapid Guaranteed Response Times
  • Qualified Engineering Staff
  • Preventive Maintenance Packages
  • Competitive Pricing
  • 24×7 Monitoring Options
Professional Services

Building the future together

Recognized as one of the world's leading suppliers of telecom solutions, RKTPL offers a wide variety of professional services. We believe that the key to achieving total customer satisfaction lies in the services available before, during and after commissioning of equipment. These services ensure successful project implementation and durable operation. Depending on the project, our services may begin in the early stages. Prior to delivery, staging and acceptance testing takes place to ensure that our equipment precisely meets the customer's objectives. After delivery, site services are offered as part of a turn-key solution, including installation, commissioning and training.

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Digital Services

RKTPL helps enterprises and service providers prosper in the digital economy. From enhancing the way you engage with your customers to automating operations, we’re helping service providers reach new levels of programmability, access and agility – levels that digital natives call home.

The future is digital, and digital service providers will lead the way.Hence we offer following services:

  • Digital Transformation Services
    • Creating digital engagement and monetize from improved customer experiences. Optimize the business model for current or future innovations.
  • Automation Services
    • Automate, manage, and orchestrate hybrid networks in real time. Evolve networks into lightweight, programmable and adaptable infrastructures.
  • Evolve Voice Services
    • Transform the core network for today and as you evolve to 4G/5G. Rapidly deploy VoLTE with IMS. Launch new innovative communication services.
  • Core network
    • Accelerate to 4G/5G & IoT and achieve a new level of flexibility to explore new revenue streams via network slicing and cloud native design principles.
  • Cloud infrastructure
    • Increase speed, efficiency, and agility in offering new services while reducing risk and shortening lead time while you transform the network.

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Managed Services

New AI-based Operations Engine makes managed services simple

The RKTPL Operations Engine directly and proactively addresses service providers’ managed services  complexity challenges as the industry moves to the reality of 4G/5G and IoT.

The RKTPL Operations Engine has three building blocks:

  • Service-centric business model based on business outcomes: Using AI, automation and data insights, the RKTPL Operations Engine addresses targeted business outcomes for service providers such as enhanced customer experience, revenue growth and efficiency.
  • End-to-end capabilities: Delivering on business outcomes through AI-based design, planning and optimization, data-driven operations, dynamic deployment, applications development, and collaborative innovation.
  • Components: Best-in-class processes, applications and infrastructure that leverage data, AI and automation as well as expertise and investments in the service provider domain.

Smart Design

By tracking numerous KPIs, the RKTPL Operations Engine leverages an experience-centric model to evolve networks intelligently, using targeted CAPEX investments to deliver superior performance while limiting costs.

Business-driven network planning
By connecting network metrics to targeted business outcomes, the RKTPL Operations Engine optimizes costs, capacity, coverage, and service quality to realize tangible business results. This ensures outcomes remain the guiding principle for operational decisions.

Surgical capacity planning
The RKTPL Operations Engine uses advanced algorithms to analyze customer experience and network data to develop an optimized network model - reflecting real levels of traffic, service, and experience data, the model enables intelligent, targeted investments.

Experience-driven network design
Leveraging large-scale resources like crowd-sourced experience data or geo-located network trace data, the RKTPL Operations Engine optimizes network configurations to improve application coverage and end-user experiences. It enables service providers to translate customer needs into functional network requirements.

Drive-less network tuning for increased efficiency
Instead of sending cars into the field to test network performance, the RKTPL Operations Engine leverages existing data. It gathers network KPIs and tags them with geo-location data to improve traffic, throughput, and user experience.

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Telecom Services

Optimizes costs, capacity, coverage, and service quality to realize tangible business results.

  • Network Planning:Includes traffic forecasting and capacity planning, end user experience and network performance.
  • Network Design:Services to obtain the best networks to fulfill business plan in terms of capacity, and quality.
  • Network Tuning:Includes services to initially adjust the network before commercial launch.
  • Dynamic Deployment:Applications and expertise, enabling service providers to test, and scale new products and services.
  • Data Driven Operations
    • Fuelled by AI and automation, data-driven operations enable reactive IT and Network management.
    • Business Service Management
      • The day-to-day responsibility of operating and managing your business processes and IT applications.
    • Customer Experience
      • Using insights and experience to develop an innovative service solution.
    • Data Center and IT Infrastructure Services
      • The services are designed for any data center and IT infrastructure environment, including cloud.
    • Network Operations
      • Takes full responsibility for your day-to-day network operations, assuring the network performance.
    • Application Operations
      • Offers both application and operational expertise to BSS/OSS manage customers’ applications.
  • Intelligent Optimization
    • Processes massive data sets using AI to provide a high-resolution image of the network.
      • Includes traffic forecasting and capacity planning, end user experience and network performance.
    • Network Planning
      • Measures current network performance, provides recommendations to improve it and performs benchmarks.
    • Network Audit and Bench-marking
      • Help customers to get the most out of their network investment, with the focus on network performance.
    • Network Optimization
      • Help customers to get the most out of their network investment, with the focus on network performance.
  • Seamless Security
    • Increased volume of devices combined with the growing complexity of new technologies like 4G/5G and IoT continuously creates new security challenges.
    • Leveraging AI and automation, the RKTPL Operations Engine provides an end-to-end solution to detect, monitor, and manage threats using real-time risk visibility and automated…
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