Our Team is Here to Serve You

Whether you are a operator , a Systems Integrator, or network professional from any industry, we've got you covered! RKTPL  is here to help you design, improve, and expand your network and offerings, whether wireless, wired, or hybrid. Our experienced team is determined to support your needs, and our strong partnerships with leading manufacturers give us the resources needed to get the job done right.

More than Just Network Equipment

When it's all said and done, RKTPL provides your complete network solutions. Beyond supplying your cutting edge networking equipment, we also offer consultation, integration, support, and financing. In addition, we host on-campus training certifications, webinars, and special events, and provide helpful online resources and materials.

We have a wide range of products for high performance wireless connectivity with capacities up to 10Gbps.Our products include Microwave, Millimeter-Wave (MMW), MIMO OFDM Radio, 2G/4G/5G and Carrier Grade WiFi.In addition to wireless networking products we offer a complete range of services including network design, training, support on all aspects of wireless networks.

Our Products

Private Networks

This System enables you to deploy a stand-alone operational cellular network in less than five minutes. This product combines all […]

Local Area Small Cell

This is a small form factor Local Area LTE FDD or LTE TDD Small Cell,supporting by default a single cell […]

High Capacity Small Cells

This is a compact High Capacity Multicarrier Advanced LTE Small Cell, supporting up to 4 carriers of 2×2 MIMO (2 […]

Backpack System

The Backpack System is a small form factor Network-in-a-Box LTE FDD or LTE TDD Small Cell, supporting by default a […]

Medium Range Small Cells

It is a small form factor Medium Range LTE FDD or LTE TDD Small Cell, supporting by default a single […]


dRAX™ Open Interface RAN Intelligence virtual RAN solution delivers a true multi-vendor, disaggregated and virtualised RAN Intelligent Control Plane as […]

LTE OpenCellular

Deploy Carrier-grade Architecture-agnostic Small Cell Software Solutions pre-integrated on the OC LTE platforms to deliver cost effective and flexible Small […]

Digital Radio and Trunking System

RKTPL provides customers with portable radios, mobile radios, and repeaters with DMR, PDT, and TETRA standards, IP repeater stations interconnection, […]

2G & 3G Software Defined Radio Base Station

We offer high performance 2G & 3G Base stations solutions for a wide variety of applications. Covering common 2G & […]

4G & 5G LTE Base Stations & EPC

Advanced 4G & 5G LTE-Advanced Base Station and EPC Infrastructure RKTPL offers the range of  4G & 5G LTE Base […]