We are one of the most trusted supplier of all kinds of Electronic components.We offer Electronic Components for Aerospace, Military, Industrial, Traction and Medical applications.

We also offer Space grade, ESA/NASA parts, QPL listed parts

  • Chip Inductors.
  • Chip Capacitors
    • Ceramic Chip Capacitors.
    • RF Capacitors.
    • SLC & MLC ( Single & Multilater layer Capacitors).
    • SMPS Stacked Capacitors.
    • Wire bound capacitors and Resistors.
  • Hybrid Capacitors.
  • Mica Capacitors.
  • High Voltage Capacitors and resistors.
  • Custom Connectors and Standard Special connectors (D-Sub, Micro & Nano-D).

Ready to learn more? Contact us to find the right products and technologies for your electronic component needs. If you can send us part no and make ,we can supply same also.