RKTPL’s outdoor/indoor LED digital signage displays are remarkably easy to use and operate. They can be used to share a wide variety of information, ensuring that the right message goes out to the right people at the right time. Give your educational institute a high-tech look, and enjoy the benefits of faster and efficient communication with RKTPL’s rugged yet stunning digital displays, designed especially for outdoor use.

Today’s students are digital natives. It is hard to create an impression on them with static messages. Which is why a New Age educational institute must cut through the paper clutter and give itself a facelift it truly needs and deserves.

Information hubs like command and control centers have unique needs when it comes to visualization solutions. When rapid and data streams need to be continuously processed, you need a system that is flexible, responsive and available 24×7.

There are few industries that are as dynamic and fast-paced as broadcast.When data and video footage streams in from multiple sources 24×7, the display solutions used by broadcast industry need to be robust, dependable, immersive, and realistic.

An outdoor LED video wall is a unique display screen mounted on the façade of a building that dramatically transforms the look of the building and makes it come alive.RKTPL offers a wide panoramic view that looks spectacular, especially because the picture quality is very good. Operating it is quite easy as it is perfectly compatible with several devices like desk top PCs and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Big retail stores have vast facades and elevation space which can be utilized to great advantage with our LED video walls that can create a special impact with spectacular displays. The high picture quality in RKTPL’s LED displays can add a lot of weight to any brand communication on the exterior walls of retail stores. The sheer size and dimension of an outdoor video wall can make a tremendous impact on viewers and allow the retail store to run promotional displays of its proprietary brands as well as other brands that are sold at the store.

Most hotels and clubs are housed in impressive buildings with beautifully landscaped spaces for hosting a wide range of events from wedding parties to corporate product launches.

RKTPL's LED video walls on hotel and club exteriors can create a stunning impact on viewers with high quality images playing on those massive screens with seamless splicing. The demography visiting such hotels and atriums are affluent and upwardly mobile and hence, they form a core target group for the hotels and clubs.

The outdoor hoardings, billboards and mobile van display industry in India is almost entirely static and depends on PVC flex signage screens to display ads and messages. LED video walls from RKTPL offer a number of features that vastly improves the viewing experience e.g. superb image quality, lightweight cabinets, swift installation and easy maintenance. By replacing statics with digital LED displays, the OOH industry can improve its valuation many times over and contribute significantly to sustainable development.


RKTPL's outdoor LED video walls are tested for high levels of efficiency and reliability based on sophisticated technology are suitable for heavy-duty operations with minimal maintenance. The seamless splicing and high pixel pitch in Ösel’s outdoor LED video walls offer an excellent viewing experience.

Our LED video walls are ideally suited for outdoor sports stadiums like cricket, hockey, football, rugby, athletics, etc. Most outdoor sports stadiums nowadays have provision for giant screens that display the live broadcast of the game. This take the viewing experience in sports to a different level. The sports industry depends almost entirely on advertising revenues, which is determined by the quality and versatility of the display infrastructure. LED video walls create a huge impact on viewers with their spectacular displays.

Most airport terminal buildings have impressive facades that can be used optimally for LED video wall displays that make a huge impact on viewers. Our LED video walls in airport terminals, railway stations and bus stations can make a huge impact on viewers with their high picture quality. These are some of the busiest transit points in the country’s transportation network with millions of people passing through them every day.


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