We offer optical transport platform that consolidates multiple layers of networking functions and services that addresses a wide variety of network applications with the fewest possible nodes. The same platform supports wireless backhaul, data center connectivity or enterprise services. It implements a hybird Packet and TDM transport architecture which is unique to the industry. It supports three configurations using the same hardware, software and features.

  • TDM with Packet Transport
  • Hybrid TDM and Packet Transport
  • All DWDM Optical Transport

This flexibility creates network designs that allow every service to be optimized based upon the service requirements, not the limitations of a particular transport technology.

Key Features:

  • From Access to long haul
  • Versatile mix of services from DS1/E1, 10GE etc to OTUn
  • Scales for small as well as large networks
  • Packet, OTN, DWDM solutions in the same platform
  • Comprehensive DWDM portfolio
  • Optimize bandwidth use with efficient sub-wavelength traffic grooming

 If you’re looking to optimize the bandwidth and performance of your network by switching to a new fiber-optic platform or multiplexer, consider investing in RKTPL’s selection of optical transport equipment today. RKTPL is able to deliver end-to-end optical transport network including equipment and optical fiber cables.

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