RKTPL offers innovative Mobile e-Clinic solutions on vehicle equip with, Portable Telemedicine KitTelemedicine Cart, Software suit & Multi-Channel Router to ensure critical communications over IP by converging the connectivity of wireless or multiple mobile broadband networks to enable telemedicine services on wheels. No connectivity breaks when networks are changes. Our e-clinic platform is something great as it ensures 24x7 online connectivity & online consultations from specialists &  experienced doctors and hospitals anywhere anytime!

RKTPL's Mobile Clinic with Telemedicine and Network Equipment Setup inside 


  • To improve healthcare infrastructure in rural and remote areas by rapid deployment of RKTPL's Mobile Clinic
  • To provide critical care of patients from home by connecting through mobile app and telemedicine software suit.
  • To empower people's life by keeping their health records and providing them e-prescriptions , notifications and alerts for medications.

Capabilities :

RKTPL’s Mobile Clinic van has all the necessary healthcare infrastructure to get immediate live video consultation from expert doctors and assist nursing staff/doctor/staff available on Mobile van clinic to measure 57+ health parameters and do the needful to save lives of people and offer quality healthcare services.

Mobile Clinic ~ Mobile Medical Unit equip with RKTPL’s Telemedicine platform and network equipment for cost optimized connectivity from multiple networks.

RKTPL offers a scalable tele-health platform that enables complete remote care delivery that is built to world-class standards and is currently in use across 7 plus countries including India, Spain, Greece, Peru, Bangladesh, Mexico and Nepal.

Mobile Hospitals or Mobile Field Hospitals designed by RKTPL are Mobile Medical Units combined with telemedicine and reliable broadband connectivity solutions that can provide on-site medical treatment during natural disasters, civil unrest, warfare operations and pandemics

RKTPL offers end-to-end telemedicine solution on wheels, enabling full mobile medical care to world governments, military branches, peacekeeping organizations, hospitals, NGOs and healthcare clinics.

RKTPL’s Network Equipment need to install in every Mobile Clinic ~ Mobile Medical Unit to ensure critical communications over multiple networks to connect expert doctors from anywhere anytime.

RKTPL works with many different partners to support design & develop Mobile Hospital/Clinics & ICU Ambulance Solutions. RKTPL will keep working with its partners to scale up Mobile Hospital/Clinics & ICU Ambulance Solutions  outreach in different emergency settings to reach help more people who may have no other access to health care.

These are designed to provide on-site critical healthcare services both at a medical facility or free-standing on location at a disaster location. The unit is even designed to support international and humanitarian medical missions. We may design and develop interiors of Mobile Hospital/Clinic/ ICU Ambulance as per customer’s requirements and ensure reliable high speed internet connectivity on wheels everywhere.

Reliable high-speed internet connectivity on wheels everywhere

We implement a communication device inside Mobile Hospital/Clinic/ICU Ambulance. It uses the best internet connections everywhere from multiple networks. Only combined coverage provides availability that is accepted. No connectivity breaks when networks are changes to ensure critical communications over IP by converging the connectivity of wireless or multiple mobile broadband networks to enable telemedicine services on wheels. Without high speed internet availability on wheels via RKTPL’s communication device, we can’t run telemedicine services and connect best doctors live on wheels via telemedicine software suits.

Hence, RKTPL’s Mobile Hospital/Clinic/ICU Ambulance with telemedicine Cart provide savings in time, resources, money and lives.

RKTPL’s network equipment facilitates seamless switch over to best link through multiple active radio modems. Real time applications such as Video and VoIP, keeping critical data sessions open all the time. Fall-backs from corrupted configurations and hardware based modem control with reset possible. MTBF for units in active field use app. 450000 hours. Over the air fleet supervision & maintenance. Secure and scalable installations are possible. At-a-glance dashboards for network operations and remote monitoring possible.

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