RKTPL's Floor Standing touch screen kiosk 

RKTPL's Floor Standing Multi-touch screen kiosk

RKTPL is offering next generation of touch screen kiosk system with powerful interactive content such information display, human-computer interaction, information collection, and event participation.

It support multi-point touch operation at the same time with following features:

  • Touch up to 10 million times, sensitive touch , convenient and fast.
  • Adopting the first-class brand high-definition screen, the color shows the perfect picture, and restores the natural and detailed image world
  • The screen body adopts industrial grade LCD panel, brand new A gauge panel, and cooperates with manufacturers: LG, BOE, AE etc...
  • The full view shows that there is no distortion at 178 degrees from top to bottom. The color saturation is higher, and the color adding technology dynamically adjusts the color balance to make the image more layered, brighter in color and clearer in detail
  • Ultra-thin LCD advertising machine shell with tempered glass protection, so that the LCD screen is not damaged, high-end aluminum alloy frame, cold-rolled steel back shell, active heat dissipation, ultra-thin design, can make the whole machine design more Beautiful. Built-in internal magnetic high-fidelity speakers let you listen all the way
  • The intelligent information publishing digital signage is widely used in public places where large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, restaurants, theaters and others flow together, and advertisements are distributed through large-screen terminal display devices

Technical Specifications

Basic Configuration
Component Name Detailed Description
Computer Motherboard:Industrial board
CPU:Intel G2030/I3/I5/I7
RAM:DDRI 4GB; Hard Disk:500 GB
6RS-232 Ports,8 USB Ports,1 LTP, 1 VGA,1LVDS,1 10/100M Net Port
Net Card, Sound Card,Integrated Display Card
Computer case and power supply
Monitor Brightness: 300cd/m2
Contrast: 450:1
Response Time:5ms;Dot pitch: 0.297;
Max. resolution: 1280*1024
Touch Screen High Transparence, high precision and durability
Thickness: 6mm, Max: 4096x4096
Surface Hardness: Mohs' hardness rating of 7
Metal Keyboard Metal Keyboard with Trackball(IP65); 64 Customizable Stainless steel keys; Interface: USB
Speakers Left and right bi-channel; amplified output; Multimedia speaker
Enclosure Durable steel frame, Power coated; Slim and smart design; Easy to install and operate; Moistureproof,Antirust,Anti-acid,Anti-dust,Static free,Graphics on front of kiosk, color painting and LOGO printing upon request;
OS Software Microsoft Windows 7 Pro (Trial version), all hard drivers are available
Optional configuration
Card Reader Three in one motorized card reader. Takes card into reader, magcard/IC card reading - writing;Electric protection valve; Eject the card when abnormal and pwr-failure
Metal Keypad (Encrypted Pin Pad) 16 Metal Keyboards; Number Keys: 10; Function Keys: 6 ; PCI compliant;
Fingerprint Reader Excellent image quality(700dip),encrpted image data, high accurate. USB port
RFID/Contactless Card Reader Interface:USB, antenna inside,CCID compatiable
ID Card Reader In accordance with ISO14443 Type B standard, recognize the information from ID card.
Barcode Scanner High sensitive, read all 1D &2D barcodes
Wireless Module GPRS/GSM/ WiFi Module

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