Our IMS enables voice-services for your network. The solution is fully containerized, cloud-native and distributed. Its architecture is 100% standard-compliant (3GPP, Release 13).

P-CSCF: Provides full transcoding support for AMR/AMR-WB based on a separated RTP worker

I-CSCF: Provides full Cx/Dx interface support and selects S-CSCF based on user capabilities and load

S-CSCF: Provides flexible application execution using a standards-based ISC interface and allows optional charging integration with standard Ro/Rf interfaces

E-CSCF: Allows to locate users based on Location Retrieval Function (LRF) and provides routing towards PSAP's

BGCF: Adds interworking functions (flexible in- and outbound routing options) and provides topology hiding

IMS Core. IP Multimedia Subsystem.: Brain of the network, which processes the received signal, e.g., matches call to correct user IT.

Our application servers provide the full range of supplementary services.

IP-SM-GW: Provides SMS services for VoLTE and legacy devices and allows interworking towards other networks based on SMPP

MMTel/ TAS: Provides rich supplementary services, e.g., call forwarding and call barring and acts as a conference-factory for VoLTE handsets

MRF: Provides network announcements and conferencing. Implemented according to RFC4240 (Basic Media Services in SIP) and set up as combined MRF-controller (MRFC) and -processor (MRFP)

SR-VCC: Enables seamless early or mid-call handover from 4G/5G to 2G/3G and acts as a media-anchor for voice calls

LI: Provides X1 to X3 interfaces towards the mediation function

Application Server.: Host and execute services provided to users.

Our HSS lets you control the access to your network.

It is based on a distributed, cloud-native setup and provides one central provisioning platform for services and subscribers

Interfaces towards IMS for voice (Cx/Dx)

Interfaces towards the mobile network for authentication and authorization (S6a/S6d/SWx)

The Diameter engine, the message queue and the worker processes of our HSS are set up as independent components

All network elements connect to multiple Diameter engines in order to provide maximum redundancy

Failure of single component does not affect the overall operation; all connections are redundant

Each component can be scaled independently of other components

HSS. Home Subscriber Server.: Central provisioning of subscribers and their services.

Our OCS provides real time authorization and record-generations of calls and sessions.

Ro-/Gy interfaces for providing online charging of calls and data sessions

The OCS enables the creation and real-time rating of Call-Data-Records (CDRs)

Our OCS enables the limitation of parallel calls per subscriber and barring of destinations as well as limits the duration of calls per destination

It provides fraud detection functionalities, e.g. notifications and automatic barring in case of rapid changes in turnover or minutes per destination / subscriber

OCS. Online Charging Server.: Provides accounting and charging for services.

Our PCRF provides various functionalities to authorize and manage traffic in mobile networks.

Our PCRF solution is fully virtualized, cloud-native and distributed

To ensure light-weight implementation, it focuses on core functions which are necessary to deploy VoLTE for mobile network operators of any size

Gx interface for the GGSN

Rx interface towards the IMS

The PCRF “light” is based on the same design principles as all Diameter-servers and provide the same performance and availability as HSS and OCS

PCRF >>light<<. Policy and Charging Rules Function.: Provides network policies for mobile users.

Our ePDG allows to provide secure access to your network from untrusted non-3GPP IP access networks.

The ePDG enables your subscribers to place voice calls over any WiFi connection, e.g. their own home network

It extends your wireless service coverage while reducing costs

Our ePDG acts as a security gateway by establishing an IPSec tunnel based on security information exchange (3GPP AAA)

The ePDG has implemented standard-based interfaces like:

IPSec/IKEv2-based SWu interface to communicate with UE

SWm interface between the ePDG and 3GPP AAA server

Additionally, it is able to interact directly with an HSS for networks without AAA server

SWx interface to the HSS

ePDG. Evolved Packet Data Gateway.: Allows untrusted non-3GPP access to the EPC as required for Voice-over-WiFi.

Our DRA opens the possibilities for roaming and interworking.

Our solution provides interworking and routing for Diameter servers

It is fully virtualized, cloud-native and distributed

Typical use cases include providing roaming capabilities for visiting subscribers, e.g. forward requests based on a rule-set

It is a flexible routing agent for a variety of Diameter messaging that supports message-manipulation and -validation

Our solution is highly flexible thanks to its extensive scripting capabilities

DRA. Diameter Routing Agent.: Provides roaming capabilities for visiting subscribers.

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