As the data center environment expands, enterprises must find newer ways to improve efficiency. To increase performance and improve the data management networks availability, enterprises are migrating the overall system configuration from the traditional, dedicated server-to-storage direct connection to a switched server-to-storage shared connection using fiber optic cabling.

A properly structured fiber optic cabling system is an essential component that can help you manage system complexity and facilitate future growth and reconfiguration. The major advantage of structured cabling is the ability to manage change, planned and unplanned.

Networks are the backbone of your business and periodic evaluation is critical to accommodate new applications and keep pace with business requirements. In today's business environment, enabling your network to work with multiple channels of communication is paramount. RKTPL provides design, integration and management services for customers that require flexible, robust and resilient network infrastructures. Our end-to-end solutions in network integration assists customers in complex network upgrades and mergers, expansions or new implementations involving routers, switches,Firewalls, servers and other networking equipment.


Network infrastructure is a cornerstone and a critical part of your business process. With the increasing infrastructure to cope with the organization's growth, it becomes crucial to examine the network and see how best to optimize performance and standardize the network to prevent frequent network outage.

With the growing business challenges, an organization's dependence on the network has increased on one hand while on the other, IT budgets are reducing. This along with growing business is leading to an expanding need for an optimized IT environment. Without a clear understanding of the network infrastructure, and the possible impacts of new business initiatives onto the network, severe performance issues may occur which might result in substantial loss of revenue and customer dissatisfaction.

Network Infrastructure Optimization Solution is packaged to provide you with complete insight into your network performance and functionality. This service will aid you in capacity planning resource re-deployment, service provisioning and re-engineering of the network.

The Network Infrastructure Optimization Solution will address the following areas:

  • PERFORMANCE:The ability to meet the end-user and application response times required for high productivity
  • SCALABILITY:Allows you to expand or contract the network, with limited disruption and expense, in response to significant shifts in your business environment
  • SECURITY:Features to protect the integrity of your information as it traverses your network, against a variety of perils and threats, while maintaining privacy
  • AVAILABILITY:Capable of responding to peak-period requests, as well as providing high-quality, reliable service, 24x7.

As more and more data is being generated each day, traditional "in-the-box" storage – where you simply add more servers and hard disks - is not an option any more. Businesses are looking for out-of-the-box solutions that can help them juice out maximum performance from their hardware while keeping IT budgets under check. RKTPL offers a range of storage solutions that combine speed, availability, data protection, and cost effectiveness to enable you make the most of your IT investment. We also offer a wide array of products so you can choose the storage solution that best suits your business requirement.


RKTPL helps by assessing your current environment, creating a long-term roadmap for simplification, and outlining the phases that you can take to attain your objectives. We focus on solutions and best practices such as data classification, storage consolidation, storage virtualization and storage management.


RKTPL can help increase the protection of your storage environment by focusing on: disaster recovery; backup and recovery; tape strategies; regulatory compliance; and data encryption.


RKTPL helps your IT team manage data in a context that is more meaningful to them without requiring special storage management skills, by focusing on software management tools, e-mail management and archiving, and enterprise content management.


Server virtualization is a proven technology that enables multiple virtual machines to run on a single physical server. Each virtual machine is completely isolated from other virtual machines and is decoupled from the underlying host by a thin layer of software known as a hypervisor. This allows each virtual machine to run different operating systems and applications. Because the machines have been decoupled from the underlying host, the guest can also be moved from one physical server host to another while running; this is known as live migration. These attributes are transforming how organizations approach virtual computing.

RKTPL has highly certified consultants and technical specialists who can assist you in determining whether your x86 environment will benefit from server consolidation and virtualization.


With desktop virtualization, you can deliver on-demand virtual desktop and applications anywhere your users work, anywhere your business takes you, to any type of device, bringing unprecedented flexibility and mobility to your workforce. Virtual desktops and applications create a more flexible business infrastructure so you can quickly respond to changing business needs while increasing efficiency, reliability, and availability. Virtual desktop technology is quickly finding its place in IT architectures. It can enable significantly better user, system, and application management, and can enable better data protection and management throughout your business.

Switching users from a physical desktop environment to a virtual desktop requires detailed planning. Green IT has a team of certified consultants with extensive expertise in rolling out virtual desktop environments. Green IT will deliver a fully functional virtual desktop environment leveraging leading products and solutions, such as Citrix XenDesktop, VMware View and Microsoft AppV.


In most organizations, data growth is on a rampage and spiraling out of control. In today's challenging economic environment, rather than addressing growing storage demands by adding more hardware, a strategic investment in storage virtualization and optimization can lead to greater efficiencies, lower costs, and simplified management.

RKTPL storage virtualization and optimization services are focused on simplifying the storage and backup/recovery infrastructure, improving availability and recovery capability, improving SLAs, improving utilization, improving agility and optimizing the existing storage resources. All of these with focus on reducing the costs of running, maintaining and growing IT services leveraging leading storage products and solutions from IBM, NetApp, Dell, and HP.


The data centre is often described as the heart of an organization, housing mission-critical applications and services without which a business cannot function. In recent years, the demands on data centres have increased exponentially. The modern data centre now needs to be agile enough to rapidly respond to changes, while ensuring that data and applications are always available to enable businesses to provide improved customer services and even greater business intelligence. A Full Life Cycle of Services RKTPL can help your organization build a robust and future-proof data centre infrastructure to meet the challenges of today and beyond. At RKTPL, we provide a complete life cycle of services to address your total data centre and storage needs.

As a multi-discipline systems integrator, RKTPL has extensive experience in networks, monitoring, security and operating platforms. Combined with our business consulting skills, our innovative solutions and services address the areas of Consolidation, Continuity and Compliance.

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