Digital Signage 

Developing Innovative Digital Signage Technologies and Content for Reaching People

The world and workplace have changed dramatically over this time. Now more than ever, visual communication is a powerful tool to engage, educate and inspire people. We provide digital signage solutions across a diverse set of vertical markets including retail, fast food, hospitality, corporate, Government,financial, education and health care. Being one of the leading Digital Signage company of India, We focus on finding the right match between technology and affordability for our clients.

We offer best-in-class products. From robust cabinets that can endure tough environments to unique metal cooling structure for zero noise pollution and from bezel-free modules for great viewing experience to lightweight cabinets for easy handling.

Our digital signage solutions offer an advanced but easy-to-use content management software or digital signage application with pre-designed templates, high levels of customization, and lifetime technical support.

The wide range of products in our digital signage solutions are backed by high quality services fulfil the objectives of simulation, training, branding, information dissemination, and presentation.

Features & Benefits of Digital Signage Solutions

  • Dashboard :Dashboard is the page where you get access to all the tools to manage all the content
  • Android App : Android app, which works both in online and offline mode helps in display of content
  • Donkey Player (CMS) : Donkey Player, the CMS, is an efficient and easy-to-use tool to control display content
  • Library : It contains media in form of image, audio and video, which is assigned to the layout
  • Design : Enables visualization through layouts, templates, resolutions and campaigns
  • Administration : Allows multiple users with different levels of system access to log-in at the same time
  • Displays : You can edit, delete, change permissions, authorization, and assign schedule options
  • Schedule :Scheduling can done by choosing a start date, end date, start time and end time

Key Features

Perfect Image

High brightness, High contrast ratio, high resolution support full HD 1920*1080

Easy Operation

Stand – alone Version: USB or SD drive.
Network version: one control terminal can control lots of players via network.

Smart Schedule

Default video play setting date , time video/pictures expired video auto delete cut-in video

How Digital Signage Works?

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